Workout Mistakes To Avoid


Avoid these four workout mistakes that may be slowing your weight loss and fitness goals

Mistake #1: Not Having Rest Periods

Working seven days a week, you might think, will help you get the body you want much faster, but the fact is that it won’t. Rest is essential for recovery and muscle growth; you also reduce the risk of injury with adequate rest periods. Findings of a 2007 study in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows that taking a break in the middle of your workout may metabolize more fat than exercising without stopping. Said lead researcher Kazushige Goto, “Many people believe prolonged exercise will be optimal in order to reduce body fat, but our study has shown that repetitions of shorter exercise may cause enhancements of fat mobilization and utilization during and after the exercise.”

Mistake #2: Doing The Same Workout Day In, Day Out

Fitness expert and renowned life coach Jillian Michaels explains that doing the same workout routine will not give you the best results, and that you need to switch up your workouts in order to challenge your body and improve your strength and conditioning. Choose different workouts that target different muscle groups to achieve fitness and weight loss success.

Mistake #3: Not Warming Up Before Workout

Why not cut to chase and start lifting weights already, right? Wrong! Warming up will prepare you mentally and physically for workout, increase range of motion thereby enhancing performance and reducing the likelihood of injury. How? By, among others, increasing muscle temperature and increasing heart rate and circulation. Warm up may include jogging, which increases heart rate, circulation and body temperature; and stretching, which helps stretch the muscles and increases flexibility in the joints.

Mistake #4: Not Knowing Your Body

If a certain workout plan worked for your fitness buddy, it won’t necessarily work for you. If you can, work with a professional who will create a plan that best suits your body, goals and lifestyle. (A professional will also ensure you do the reps correctly.) But just because you’re not getting to your dream physique quicker than the next person, doesn’t mean you should quit. “Genetics can make the process easier or harder. Some people have a naturally high testosterone and growth hormones level, which means faster muscle growth and an overall leaner physique. Some people’s bodies mobilize fat stores more effectively than others, making weight loss an easier endeavor… But none of these things are limitations… As long as you can see regular improvements and get to where you want to be, the added time is irrelevant. Regardless of the muscle building and fat-burning genetic programming, you can build the body of your dreams in a matter of a few years and maintain it for the rest of your life,” says Michael Matthews in 12 Health and Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making.

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