Wigging It


How pros make their wigs look more natural

Listen, if you bought it, it IS your hair. Nevertheless, you deserve the celebrity effect when donning your faux strands. Have you ever seen any of Beyoncé’s or Lady Gaga’s lace fronts? The following are tips that will get you on the path to perfected ‘wig-dom’.

Purchase A Nude Cap

Nude here refers to the hue that matches you skin tone as much as possible. If you’re not sure what your skin tone is or if you can’t find an exact match, opt for one that is a shade lighter.

Work in Some Concealer and Foundation

Remember how we said a cap one shade lighter will do? That’s because dabbing a little concealer onto it will darken it to match your tone. As for the foundation, it will come in handy when making the hair partition look more like your skin.

Grab Those Tweezers

A newly bought wig can have a bulky hairline akin to that on toy dolls. The answer is to separate some hair from just behind the hairline, and then using your pair of tweezers, start to pluck random hair in this section. Black Hair Information also suggests taking out some of the hair on the hairline in a methodical but random way. Keeping in mind that your natural hairline isn’t a straight line.

Fit and Style

You never want it too tight or loose. The former can damage your natural hair follicles and hinder growth. The latter, can make it difficult to blend in your natural hair line. That, and the risk of it falling off goes up significantly.  Accordingly, grab a tape measure and get the correct measurements of your head before buying it. Then, book a consultation with an experienced stylist, who will cut your wig according to what shape suits you best. If you’re scared to do the tweezing by yourself, these are the perfect people to delegate the task to. They can even colour it for you, should the brand and type of the wig allow it.

Colour Code

Really want to pass off your wig as your tresses? Choose a colour closest to your natural roots. If you’re planning to make this your signature style for a couple of months, getting two of the same wig ensures you’re sorted; even if it gets discontinued by the manufacturer. If you can get it custom-made, you have the power to mimic the high and low hues natural hair usually presents for a more organic appearance.

Follow the Care Guide

Whether it’s synthetic or natural, you must take care of your wig, if you want to extend its shelf-life. Synthetic pieces will require you to invest in shampoos, conditioners, combs and styling products created for them.  Bonus tip would be to apply hair powder to remove the unnatural shine that usually comes with real-hair or synthetic wigs.

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