We Choose To Listen


We choose to listen so we can learn.
We decide whom to listen to and care less for those we do not want to listen to
We weep at our own cause
Listening can either build us or break us down completely if we got no might.
Some of use choose to listen carefully, while others choose not to even give an eye,
We comprehend more easily when we face a speaker
Listening builds thoughts in a way that we master the words
We erode our minds by listening to what’s not appropriate for us
Young souls get lost in what they ought not to have heard.
We may also loose great minds due to their weaknesses of listening and putting in mind whatever it is minding the negative side.
Listeners should be careful and thoughtful
We ought to think through the words we hear before taking any step
A listener must learn to endure all the negativity plotted to bring him down.
A listener should be calm
Words do kill people
Words make people disappear
Words build and motivate
Words bring joy……..
All in all the choice is always ours.
You choose to listen
Let you decide for yourself what is for your ears!

Credits: Wendy Lubanga.

Disclaimer: Reader’s Corner aims at showcasing articles of our readers and aspiring writers. While seeking to encourage their writing skills, kindly note that all views, thoughts, opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the author. In no way do they represent the views of Magazeti .Team Magazeti takes no responsibility for the same.

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