Wake Up Gorgeous


Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up looking drop-dead gorgeous every morning? Nothing makes you feel more confident than a perfectly dazzling complexion. Smooth, glowing skin, glossy lips, lustrous hair, and beautiful nails can be yours if you follow a perfect night beauty regimen. Include these simple beauty tips that will leave your skin looking flawless.

Cleanse Before Bedtime

After a long day of being up and about, your skin needs tender treatment to leave it fresh and ready to face a new day. At the end of the day, makeup, harsh weather and a myriad of other pollutants will undoubtedly have a toll on your skin as they form an extra layer on your skin. Left overnight, these particles grind into your skin and may stretch out the pores and cause breakage. Cleansing your skin should be a part of your bedtime routine.

You can use a makeup remover, facial cleanser or cold cream to cleanse your skin. Coconut oil, honey and lemon, olive oil and yogurt can be used as natural face cleansers.


Exfoliating your skin at least once a week helps get rid of dead cells, excess oil and impurities. It also prepares your skin for cleansing and toning. A mixture of sugar and honey can work as a perfect homemade remedy. Use the mixture to scrub your skin and later rinse it off with warm water. A green tea powder face mask is a great facial detox that you can try out at home.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Moisturising your skin at night helps refurbish the skin and prevents the formation of premature wrinkles. A light layer of coconut oil works in moisturising your skin. For those with oily skin, diluted apple cider vinegar toner works perfectly. For greater results, use a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar stored in the fridge. Moisturisers with glycerine or propylene help in attracting water that hydrates the skin. Those with natural oils, such as rosemary or almonds, are highly recommended.

Start Using A Toner

Some people find it useful to remove excessive oils and dirt from the skin. A good quality toner applied onto a cotton ball and swept gently on your skin helps in removing the excess dirt that remains after washing your face. There is a wide variety of homemade toners that could work for you. A blend of apple and honey or tomato and honey make a wonderful toner for a radiant skin. In addition to be an antiseptic, aloe Vera can also be used as a toner. Grated cucumber mixed with half a cup of curd, vinegar mixed with water or camphor in a bottle of rose water, a spoon of milk, honey and an egg are also effective. These should be applied to your face and left for a few minutes before being rinsed with warm water.


There is nothing as attractive as kissable lips. To achieve this, exfoliate your lips before heading to bed. Applying lip balm or natural nourishing oils such as coconut or almond oil helps your lips remain healthy through the night and prevents them from getting chapped.


We spend a lot of money to enhance the natural beauty of our eyes through the use of cosmetics. It is equally important to take care of your eyes in the night. An eye cream can help in moisturising, and de-puffing your eyes. It also helps in  wrinkles and maintaining a firm skin under the eye area. Eye creams used should be light and consist of ingredients such as caffeine, peptides, antioxidants, brighteners, and vitamins. excess helps repair the skin and lighten dark circles. If you are looking for something natural, potato juice or honey will help in lightening dark circles under your eyes. Use of chamomile, green tea or cucumber on your eyes will also help in treating dark circles and puffy eyes. Aloe Vera, mint, rosewater and natural oils should also be on your eye care shopping list.

Cuticle/Nail Care

Applying coconut oil overnight helps in softening and moisturising the cuticle as well as strengthening your nails.


Soft hands are admirable. If your hands are dry and dehydrated, apply a thick cream or nourishing oil on your hands and put on light, cotton gloves overnight. In the morning, your hands will look soft, youthful, well moisturised and well cared for.


There are many beauty treatments that could work for your hair overnight. Apply a leave in conditioner or hair mask on damp hair and leave it overnight. Wrap the hair in a scarf to protect the pillow cases. Rinse the hair in the morning and enjoy silky smooth and nourished hair.

Get Enough Rest and Eat Healthy

Try changing your sleeping position as sleeping on your side all the time is likely to cause facial lines and eye bags. Additionally, do not forget to eat healthy and drink lots of water.

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