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Stand out from the crowd with these gorgeous travel bags!

Rift Valley Leather

At Rift Valley Leather, they use high-quality canvas and leather products to develop unique travel bags, including the patched canvas bag featured below. “All our principal materials, including camel and cowhide, are exclusively sourced from within East Africa – we currently use 5 different Kenyan tanneries. The fabric is sourced locally and waxed, and the resin printed fabric is from West Africa,” they say.

Kenya Kanga Collection

You’ll find different bags at the Kenya Kanga Collection, and they all express two words – unique and vibrant! They use kangas in their products to give them colourful and vibrant accents. There are different colours and prints to suit every taste and preference.


Sandstorm is famous for hardy and sophisticated bags made using a combination of leather and canvas, and hardware cast from recycled brass. Take their Odyssey Travel Bag for instance, it has a 100 percent cotton canvas body with a solid brass main compartment (zip closure opens wide for ease of access), and has leather carry handles secured with artisan cast brass hardware. It also has a reinforced full leather base with brass base studs – an overall stunne

Eden Leather Goods

Fans of leather have so much to choose from. “Here at Eden, we are reclaiming the making of things that are made well and redefining leather luxury through unmatched quality. Thriving through culture, excellence of craft, pride of work and investing in local skill,” say the people of Eden Leather Goods. Their designs are simple and still manage to be trendy. Maybe it is because the cutting and stitching are hand-made, in a traditional way, by craftsmen renowned for their dexterity. Or maybe it is because, in their words, “With leather crafting in our genes, we cannot help but combine beautiful and practical designs to share with the world. The raw edges, sleekness and durability of our leather products are the Eden covenant.”

Bush Princes

Bush Princess is what happens when Africa meets Europe. They combine refinement and flair of European fashion with the stunning colors of the African plains. One result is the back pack featured below. Most of the brass items they use on their bags are made from recycled metal. Maasai women produce the beautiful beadwork, all the leather used is locally sourced and the hides come from different local tribes. All these factors make each product unique. So you’re sure to be in a class of your own.

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