Time’s Up: Gym Gear Expiration


It’s better to love and toss than to continue a relationship with your workout gear long after it has called it quits. As much as you’ve grown fond of certain items, or how much their price tag still haunts you, you need your gear to be in its best shape for the results and provide the safety you require. Here are some of the key expiration dates to keep in mind:

Compression Garments

Most commonly available as compression tights, socks and sleeves, they are designed to help increase circulation and speed up your post-workout recovery. Thus, the almost uncomfortable fit of the clothes. Inevitably, they will lose their efficacy and begin to stretch out.

BEST BEFORE: Six months to one year

MUST-KNOW INFO: Wash them after every wear but avoid twisting or wringing them so that they don’t stretch faster. The frequent washing eliminates the body oil and dirt that can hinder the compression effect.

IT’S EXPIRED WHEN: The fabric begins to fray. You’ll also notice that you don’t struggle to get into them anymore.

Moisture-Wicking T-Shirts, Tanks and Shorts

Your top and bottom combi contribute a great deal to your gym confidence levels. Not only do they look good, they also keep your skin sweat free, regulating your body’s temperature.

BEST BEFORE: Six months to five years plus

MUST-KNOW INFO: Keep in mind, most moisture-wicking fabrics are built to withstand at most 50 washes before they start to become less effective. So, it’s imperative to follow the laundry directions to the letter in order to prevent its wicking power from prematurely fading.

IT’S EXPIRED WHEN: It just doesn’t keep you dry as well as sweat and chaffing-free anymore. It also has begun to unravel at the seams or lose its fitted shape.


Having your ‘Cinderella’ moment with a pair of sneakers is every fitness junkie’s dream; to have the perfect pair of sneakers that give you sufficient support to push you to your next fitness goal. It doesn’t hurt that you look good while you’re at it.

BEST BEFORE: 480 km to 805 km of use

MUST-KNOW INFO: When drying them, stuff newspapers inside the shoes and let them air dry to help them dry faster. It also helps to store them in room-temperature areas. Most importantly, try and limit wearing them to only your work-out sessions.

IT’S EXPIRED WHEN: They’re worn down, their sole is too flexible, or you have to rely on over tightening laces for support. Remember, the slogan ‘no pain, no gain’ does not apply in the world of feet comfort!

Swimming Costumes

Most people are body-conscious, therefore, when you are working out, you want to be assured that your costume is in good condition, so you can focus on more important things like stroke perfection or hitting a new personal record.

BEST BEFORE: Six months to two years

MUST-KNOW INFO: Wash your costume with tap water immediately after you change to remove as much chlorine as you can. Pool chemicals, if left on the costume, begin to break down the fibres leading to a costume that sags and slows you down. After the rinse, gently squeeze out excess and lay flat to dry.

IT’S EXPIRED WHEN: The crotch region is baggy. Other signs include fibres popping out or faded spots on the costume, however small.


Washing these pieces of apparel has got to be one of the most annoying things on earth. But they play a major role of sweat prevention and keeping the occasional blister from seeping into your beloved shoes. And if you have the padded kind, that’s extra support for you!

BEST BEFORE: One to three years

MUST-KNOW INFO: Designate particular socks as part of your workout gear and only wear them when you’re exercising.

IT’S EXPIRED WHEN: It becomes holey, threadbare, or keeps slipping off at the slightest hint of movement.

Sports Bra

The twins need all the support they can get. More so when all the bouncing of exercising is involved. That’s why opting for a quality sports bra is every fit girl’s priority. But even the best brands experience wear and tear from all that sweat and hard work.

BEST BEFORE: One year for beginner fitness level; slash that time in half for intermediate and advanced levels.

MUST-KNOW INFO: Hand wash and air-dry ASAP after your workout to keep the elastic intact as well as to lower the risk of bacteria breeding and development of stubborn sweat stains. You also want to stock up on a few options to rotate with to prevent one or two from being overused.

IT’S EXPIRED WHEN: The shoulder straps or the bottom band don’t have any resistance anymore. This leads to pain, discomfort and higher risk of sagging.

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