There’s More To It Than Just A Glance


Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose house is the prettiest of them all? Dazzle your guests using mirrors in creative ways to decorate

There is more to those reflective surfaces than just checking yourself out. With living spaces in urban areas being a little ‘cosy’, there’s no better statement piece to fun-size homes than mirrors. They expand walls, break up visual clutter, amplify light among other design dilemmas. But there are design dos and don’ts that should be followed to get more bang for your reflective buck.

Have A Placement Strategy

As tempting as it is to go around willy-nilly, covering up all empty wall space with mirrors, don’t. Their placement should have their reflection in mind. Think of a nice natural view, a grand or beloved piece of artwork, or a light source. No one needs to see a random clutter or furniture, that isn’t exactly eyepleasing, being reflected multiple times.

Don’t Overdo The Mirrors

Not every room requires mirrors as a necessity, the kitchen and bedroom to be specific. While mirror backsplashes are en vogue, they’re just as troublesome to clean as stainless steel appliances. But if you like constant maintenance and getting off all those water and oil marks, go right ahead. When it comes to the bedroom, it goes without saying that a mirror above the bed is not acceptable.

Don’t Forget The Feng Shui

Mirrors are considered to be a water element, which shouldn’t be incorporated in living areas that need some vibrancy. A strong component of water in the bedroom is believed to affect your personal energy, attracting sorrow. Talk about an unwanted third party in your relationship. But in most houses, it’s unavoidable to have mirrors in this room. Interior designers suggest a creative piece behind or above the headboard instead. The multiple frameless mirror effect on one of your walls may speak more to you if you want more of a dressing room feel or to provide some visual interest. You can alternatively opt for a full -length mirror that rests on the floor in the corner of the room, which is the emptiest. Full length mirrors on the wardrobe doors is still a fashionable thing to do; provided it’s not facing your bed. It’s acceptable in the home’s entrance to attract fortune and to make people feel welcome. And since Feng Shui advocates for improved flow, try smaller horizontal mirrors in tight staircases or hallways to widen the space. Just make sure not to place them at the end of the hallway as this is believed to create an area where energy stops flowing. As for bathrooms, they play well with mirrors since they’re both water-centred to create a great energy flow.

Do Dare To Go Big

In smaller rooms, you want to create the illusion of depth, using large mirrors. In really tight spaces, place the mirror behind the furniture to enhance your home. The trick is to use mirrors that are the same width as the furniture, so that it gives off that prominent and purposeful feel. If you have a piece of big furniture in the middle of the room, install mirrors to make it appear to be disappearing. Or, if you have an adventurous side, opt for wallto- wall mirrors. You can achieve this via multiple small mirrors for the picture panelling effect, large panel antique mirrors for that multiple-refection artsy feel, or trim framed mirrors for placing context. But we have to say our favourite position for large mirrors is the landing strip. Everyone needs that easy luxury of having one last look over before leaving the house.

Don’t Forget To Work With Light

Want a magical effect? Place a light source such as a bedside lamp or candle behind your mirror to maximise how far the light will reach. You can work with natural light from the pleasant outdoors by using the mirrors to create another window. Place your mirror across from or next to your real window – preferably the one with the best views – to get multiple angles of the outdoors.

Do Be Dramatic

Your reflection shouldn’t be the only masterpiece. Get artsy with the frame and the great thing about this is that the options are limitless. Let your personality and the room’s contemporary style shine through. You’ll be getting a focal point, as well as, adding the illusion of height if your room needs it.

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