The Self-Care Gift Guide


The ultimate self-care gift guide for the whole family

O Bao Baobab Powder

The baobab tree is called the tree of life with good reason. A report by the National Research Council shows that baobab powder is a rich source of protein, minerals and vitamins. Other studies have confirmed the rich nutrient values in baobab food products, the most obvious, perhaps, is the high vitamin C content, which is important for repairing body tissues, and its antioxidant properties, essential for a  strong immune system and healthy heart, and not forgetting the protein for long-lasting energy.

Available at Greenspoon,

Duronic BL3 blender

Eating healthy is one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself. This blender should be in your arsenal of tools for healthy eating. It’s easy to clean and store and, what’s more, it comes with two free bottles, and that includes an infuser bottle (good news for those of us who hate plain water). If you hate vegetables but still want to meet your daily nutrient requirements, you can change how you prepare them by blending them with your favourite fruits instead of cooking them. Perfect way to trick your brain (and children), into eating more spinach and kales.

Available at Vitu Zote,

Warm cuddly Fleece Blanket

July is the height of the cold season, cuddle up with a good book and this cosy fleece blanket. We recommend An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, Oprah’s recent book club pick. It features the young couple Roy and Celestial. Roy is wrongfully imprisoned, and this shatters their world. Pair it with a rich and creamy drink such as hot chocolate or, what the heck, hot buttered rum or any other boozy cocktail of your choice.

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Digestif Peppermint Tea

Go for herbal teas when you want an instant calming effect. The act of making tea alone has been shown to drive away stress. Early studies show that peppermint tea may have medicinal values, including virus- and bacteria-fighting properties.  So, sit back, enjoy a cuppa, and watch the stress fade away.

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Colour Me Clam by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter

Want to release stress in an affordable way that does not involve expensive spa visits or one that doesn’t come with side effects (put that bottle of wine away!)? Colouring books are here for you. And this one has been specifically designed for those feeling strained from the pressures of everyday living. The natural and geometric patterns, water and wooded scenes, are some of the chapters that will ensure maximum relaxation.

Available at Book Stop

Kenyan Sunset Tea

Williamson Tea has a line of refreshing and uplifting tea called the Kenyan Sunset and it is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s a combination of black tea and cinnamon, a tasty and fragrant tea that will melt away the day’s stress. Whereas the benefits of cinnamon are still being studied, we will go with the Holy Bible in which God tells Moses to use sweet-smelling cinnamon as one of the ingredients to make anointing oil (Exodus 30:22-25). If God approves, we’re all in.

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Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend

Next time you’re running a bath, pour in a few drops of this essential oil blend—it consists of lavender and geranium—for a potent destressing factor. After that, you will know first-hand why they call it Sleep Easy. The ensuing calm state—relaxed muscles, heart rate and blood pressure at normal levels, mind at peace—will ensure quality, restorative sleep.

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Magnifique Facial Mask

Did you know that facials can make you relax, apart from getting rid of impurities on your skin such as build-up of makeup, dust and oil, and leaving you looking and feeling you? And when you’re shopping for a facial mask, consider the Magnifique Facial Mask, suitable for all skin types.

Available at House of Treasures Emporium

Natural Botanical Sprays

Keep your home smelling fresh with Wild Earth Botanics natural room spray that consists of lemongrass, peppermint and rosemary essential oils. It you want something more laidback and romantic, they have a spray that consists of vanilla, rose and Ylang Ylang. I can go on about the positive effects of these essential oils on mood, complete with scientific studies to back me up, but I’m sure you get the point by now.

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Kitenge Covered Journal

Writing about your thoughts and feelings, particularly those regarding stressful and traumatic experiences, can help you better process them and help ease the stress. Since your thoughts and feelings matter, put them down in a journal that looks good, and one that’s been made ethically. These journals are made using recycled paper and feature stunning Kitenge covers. Besides, proceeds from the sales go into supporting women of Amani Ya Juu.

Available at Amani ya Juu,

The Africa Cookbook: Tastes of a Continent by Jessica B. Harries

Put your phone away for a few days each week and cook together as a couple or family because, as studies show, this can strengthen family bonds. And not just that, creative pursuits (yes, cooking is art), can help fight stress by improving mood. Try these recipes from different parts of Africa. Don’t be afraid to experiment by putting your twists to the recipes here. The anecdotes that accompany the recipes will make it a great learning experience as well.

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Sirocco Lavender Scented Cube

Fragrant plants have been known since ancient times to boost mood amid other benefits, with one study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showing that they have the ability to change blood chemistry so that any stress you’re experiencing is reduced. And this is where this mildly scented lavender candle comes in.

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