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5 banging music apps to download today

Long gone are the days where you were forced to queue at a record store to get new music. Within seconds of its release, you can now get any latest single without having to result to piracy. Thanks to the development of streaming platforms, you can appease your audiophile tendencies with a clean conscience, anywhere and at any time. Hey, you can even find a bunch of free ones too! We’ll look at the best legal ones you can get on your smart device today.


The free version has a FLOW feature that learns your personal taste and then suggests new music and artists that you may appreciate. For a small fee you get more control over the music you listen to. Additionally, you can create unlimited playlists of your favourite music, store them for offline listening, and you get advanced audio excellence. It gets even cheaper if you get the family package.


With over 30 million music singles, this continues to be the most popular streaming app in the market. With themed stations and playlists, you have access to a generous music library. While there is a free version, it is limited and won’t give you permission to download music for offline listening. Plus, it will have ads. However, for around $10 you can have full control of your playlist.

Google Play Music All Access

If you still have an attachment to the music you’ve already downloaded, this app can take up to 50,000 of your music for streaming. Couple that with its streaming service, and you could have endless listening possibilities, podcasts included. The free-version is certainly impressive, but as these things go, the paid version is the bees-knees. It will give unlimited skips, customized recommendations, personalised stations and absolutely no ads.

Apple Music

Available to iOS and Android, it has a music locker of 45 million songs and allows you to upload your own music too. But it’s selling point is the streaming radio feature, where they’ve hired real people to curate playlists and radio shows. Die hard fans of the individual genres will appreciate the personal touch. As with all things Apple, there isn’t a free version available.

Tidal Music

Hip-Hop star and Mogul, Jay-Z, crafted this streaming service that is supposed to be the ultimate treat sound aficionados. You can thank their lossless-quality approach for that. It has offline ply, music videos and in-depth celebrity interviews. You do have to pay for this service, but they have different packages including a family and students account.

iHeart Radio

If you love radio, this is for you. This radio app comes with multiple stations to cater to various tastes. It also has podcasts, seasonal shows, comedy and talk radio. For a fee, it will give you control over the music such as replay, skips and crafting your own playlists.

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