The Real Feeler


The pain of poverty, joblessness, heartbreak and disappointment can only be genuinely felt by the poor, jobless, heartbroken and the disappointed in that order.  Emotions are not things you read on paper. They come from within, and no matter how hard you try to let assume the feeling, your efforts will never be successful. Some victims only take belief in another person’s words depending on one’s ability to curve a face and talk in a soft voice.

Forget the people who say that they can understand the hurt. If you have never been through it, you are subconsciously playing the pity cards. Some will however convince you that they understand your current situation, only to make a career out of your misery. Their bonuses depend on their familiarity with adjectives and language, that is, how well they can make the public ‘feel your pains.’

What next? You already know that it is blissfully easy to understand the theory but impossible to feel. If you are the victim, you must own the pain. Understand that things do wrong sometimes, but take belief that it is the right thing, even when you see nothing right about it. The odd emotions will be in your head, but your future is in your hands.

For sure, it is hard to be at peace when you are in pieces. But, what matters is your next move. Do not allow the pain to eat you away until you are no more. Take your armour and wear it appropriately. Your eyes are destined to rotate, look around. Your legs are flexible, walk to the promising side and when you finally locate the right destination, settle, but keep looking and walking to the best side. If you are the real feeler, mold yourself into a hero not a zero!

Credits: Catherine Wanjiru is a former student from Maseno University ( 2013)- Pharmaceutical Sciences. A young soul who is working on her dreams of being an author and life coach.

Disclaimer: Reader’s Corner aims at showcasing articles of our readers and aspiring writers. While seeking to encourage their writing skills, kindly note that all views, thoughts, opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the author. In no way do they represent the views of Magazeti .Team Magazeti takes no responsibility for the same.

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