Playing for Team You


Some startling, if not sobering statistics have been documented by our neighbours in the West. It is said that almost 73 per cent of women are currently experiencing a confidence crisis. A heart-breaking 87 per cent feels like they are judged more for their appearance instead of their ability, and a staggering 1.6 million people in the UK have eating disorders. While magazines are seen as the culprit; lauding extreme beauty standards, we cannot escape the all-encompassing effect of socialisation and the wrath of the “inner critic.” Here then, are some simple ways you can slay this self-hating dragon and be the very best you can be.

Your Body. Just Change Your Focus

Instead of fussing of what your body looks like, challenge yourself by asking, what can it do? Unlike beauty, something that irrevocably fades with time, talent is transcendent. Start viewing your body as a tool. A high-powered instrument which you can use to achieve wonderful adventures and experiences with. Instead of worrying about being thin, for instance, worry about being fitter, or healthier! We can’t all be models.

Embrace Our Differences!

The “ideal” body is always lurking somewhere, we know, taunting you as you go about your day, making you fuss over everything from head to toe. Stop and breathe. The ideal woman model has been redone so many times, over different generations, that she has morphed into a flawless and almost unimaginable image. No human can ever truly state that they were born flawless, so why should you put such pressure on yourself? Live by your own set of standards, you beautiful human. Never ever give anyone else that kind of power. Iron clad self-esteem can get you a very long way.

Body appearance shouldn’t be the only source of confidence for you, because as we said before, beauty fades, and the body changes, but the spirit doesn’t. Isolate yourself from the habit of living life from the neck upwards, because you only need to stay on top of your health, physical fitness and wellbeing in order to fuel your self-esteem. You don’t have to turn into a fitness fanatic- just a daily walk, a yoga class, a Zumba Saturday and you will definitely start feeling the energy shift towards the positive.

Allow Yourself to Evolve

Don’t be sad when you realise that you can barely hold a three-sentence conversation with the girls you thought would be friends with till death. People change, friendships shift, and so should you. Cultivate friendships that ultimately bring out your best personality traits. You want to be the best version of yourself, because you will be of greater value to friends when you are.

Take Regular Digital Time Outs

There is zero shame in admitting that sometimes, after browsing through your friends’ social media platforms, viewing all the lovely updates on holidays, gifts, and other perceived markers of joy and success, you end up feeling worse for the wear. Decide what you want to get in. A bit of time off screen can work wonders in the form of a healthier self-perspective. We can’t all be the Kardashians, and we shouldn’t feel like we should be.

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