Own the Jumpsuit


Here’s how to jump on this IT fashion trend

When Florentine designer, Thayat, made the jumpsuit in 1919, it was meant to be a practical clothing piece for heavy duty work. It wasn’t ’til the 1930s that fashion claimed it as its own.

Thanks to the likes of Coco Chanel, this simple design got a touch of glamour, and by the 1960s, it was a common feature on fashion runways. It may have been snubbed in the early 2000s, but it wasn’t long before it was vindicated and back on the fashion must-have list. Due to its seamless assortment of ease, attitude, comfort and allure, it’s easy to see why the jumpsuit transcends trends. However, there are rules to this fashion statement if you’re going to pull it off.

Dress Your Body Type

Not every style will compliment your body type. Finding the right fit for you will guarantee you don’t look like you’re wearing a diaper or wind up with a camel toe. Thus, the rule of thumb is you must try on a jumpsuit before you buy it.

Some Key Factors to Remember:

  • Short height – choose a slim cropped style
  • Tall height – wide legged bottom that reaches the ground
  • Pear shape – choose a dark hue or opt for a two-toned jumpsuit which is dark at the bottom
  • Square shape – choose a jumpsuit with a faux waist for an hourglass effect.
  • All shapes – choose flowing fabrics such as silks and chiffons instead of stiff fabrics like linen, to praise your form

Define Thy Waist

Although jumpsuits c0me in different designs, fit is the key; especially around your abdomen. The easiest way to accentuate your waist is by adding a belt into the equation. Even if the jumpsuit already has one fitted, adding a belt will streamline your waist even more. Express your own style through the fabric you choose for the belt, and ensure it ties in nicely with the overall aesthetic.

Add Some Height

No matter how tall you are, jumpsuits can make you appear short of stature. This is because they have a way of pulling the human eye in a downward trajectory.       Low-waisted and wide-legged designs are particularly renowned for knocking an inch or two off your height. Wearing high heels – with a slim heel – will remedy this by creating a longer silhouette.

Set the Foundation

Because most jumpsuits are fitted, it’s imperative that your wear the right bra and panty set. Opt for boy shorts, thongs or seamless underwear to circumvent observable panty lines. You may also want to avoid lacy bras, if the jumpsuit is super fitted or made from hugging material such as jersey.

Accessories & Layers

Just because it saves you from having to pair a bottom with a top, doesn’t mean you should rock it, in its plain glory. Add dimension and visual variety to the jumpsuit through bold accessories, shirts, scarfs and blazers/jackets.

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