Move at Your Own Pace


Many a times in life, you see people around you making great progress, achieving their goals. Basically, they are touching the sky. One tends to wonder when his or her time would arrive.

The beauty of life is that everyone blossoms in their own time, as there is no standard time for success.

A bean seed normally matures faster than a maize seed, even if they were planted at the same time. Just because the bean seed matures faster, it does not mean it is superior to the maize seed. As a matter of fact, the maize plant is usually bigger in size compared to the bean plant. It simply means, we should stop comparing our lives to those of others, and move on in our own lane, at our own pace.

There is absolutely no need to stress your mind, when you see your friend succeeding faster than you. In the society we live in today, everyone wants to look successful and progress, to the extent they would even fake it to seem like they are making it in life.

Why don’t they instead, channel their efforts towards the success they are anticipating, rather than wait for it to mature?

Celebrate people when good things come their way, it’s an indication that the work they put in, is not in vain. In the meantime, keep trusting, keep working; your day to shine will arrive!

Credits: Amon Neibei

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