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The human skin is exposed to different environments leaving it prone to many conditions. As such, taking care of our skin is of paramount importance. Face and body treatments are designed to soothe and revitalise our skin, making sure that it bounces back to its original youthful radiance. Here are some natural therapies that will boost your youthful glow.

Fruit Active Glow Facial

The fruit active glow is meant to bring radiance to your face. After a deep cleanse, the face is stimulated by specialist eastern massage techniques while concentrated moisturisers nourish and revitalise the complexion.

“After we have cleansed the face and opened up the pores, we tone the skin in order to bring it back to its normal ph. After that, we exfoliate the skin and when done, we remove the exfoliator and tone again before we apply the mask,” says Milcah Mbiu, Spa head therapist at Revitalize Wellness Centre in Westlands.

The fruit active mask has strawberry extracts that refine and exfoliate the skin, kiwi fruit extracts, and kaolin, a deep cleansing ingredient that refines the skin.

 Herbal Lavender Repair Facial

This fragrant treatment helps in deep cleansing the skin and drawing out impurities. It is also useful in refining pores, treating breakouts and reducing unwanted shine.

“It has lavender as the main ingredient, and then the thyme. The lavender reduces acne and helps heal break out. Thyme improves the sluggish skin and kaolin is useful in deep cleansing and brightening the skin,” explains Milcah.

Exotic Moisture Dew Facial

This type of facial is specifically meant for someone with parched, dry skin. The moisturising treatment helps in bringing back moisture to the skin.

“Every mask we do takes 8-10 minutes so that it can dissolve the dead skin and rejuvenate the cells in the skin after seeping in,” she adds. Other common types of facials include the Forever Living facial, mud mask and sealing mask.

“Forever living, which is in the form of powder, is mixed with an activator to form a mask that is then applied to the skin. It takes less than 10 minutes while the mud mask takes about 15 minutes. The sealing mask is applied and peeled when it gets dry,” says Elizabeth Wairimu Kimani, a beautician at Bella Beauty Parlour in Hurlinghum.

Different types of skin need different products for firming. It is, therefore, important to know your skin type in order to get the right treatment. Additionally, only a specialist should work on your skin.

“Normally, these masks are for firming the skin so that you have to be careful when you are applying them; you have to go upwards as opposed to downwards, which may result in sagging the skin,” she adds.

Body Scrubs And Rubs

Here are some scrubs and rubs that will leave your skin smooth and healthy.

Coconut Rub And Milk Ritual Rub

This treatment will enliven your skin and leave you feeling fresh and refreshed. Warmed elemis nourishing bath is poured over the entire body and gently cocooned in a foil wrap for about 45 minutes. This can be accompanied by a facial massage and a de-stressing scalp treatment. This exotic treat will leave your skin looking gorgeous.

Chocolate Escape

Chocolate oils work perfectly on your skin. In this treatment, an exotic chocolate body scrub and a soothing chocolate body wrap are combined with a heavenly, sensual aromatherapy massage. All this is done using chocolate oil.

Devils Mint Body Scrub

This scrub is basically meant to clean out all the dead cells on your skin. A combination of devils apron seaweed and peppermint is gently smoothened on your skin, which helps in removing the dead skin cells. It is a revitalising body scrub that is also perfect for pregnant mothers.

Kenyan Coffee Bean Body Scrub

Stimulating and exfoliating, this treatment not only assists in increasing cellular metabolism and detoxification but also helps your skin to absorb powerful anti-oxidants and reduce cellulite for a supple and elastic skin tone.

Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap

Steeped with frangipani flowers, this blend infused with aromatic Tahitian coconut is slowly trickled over the body, enclosed in a nourishing foil wrap. The body is drenched in fragrant moisture. This treatment revitalises the body and leaves your skin radiant and beautiful.

Homemade Treatments

“You can use a mix of avocado with egg yolk and keep on the mask for as much time as you want because the ingredients are natural. For the scrub, you can use unga mixed with milk while lemon mixed with a little water can be used as a toner,” advises Elizabeth.

“We have now introduced natural facials. We cleanse using natural yoghurt on the face to open the pores and clean the skin and is good for all skin types. We also use a lemon and water toner and a mixture of honey and sugar to exfoliate the skin. For the mask, you can use honey, mashed banana with avocado and oatmeal. All these things are available out there,” says Milcah.

Skin care goes together with your routine lifestyle. At Revitalize Wellness Centre, a proper consultation will help determine which treatments and products work best for you.

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