Man, Of Style


Tips on how to develop personal style

An impeccable look will get you places, and the secret to getting it right is to know and develop your style. There are more benefits to having a personal style. It will help you master the rules, which will allow you to consciously and smartly break them (you can only break the rules after mastering them).

You’ll have more confidence shopping and experimenting, taking risks and being comfortable with a conservative look when a situation calls for it. You’ll know which fashion fad to adopt and which one to ignore. You’ll know when to change because style is not static, it evolves. In short personal style begets confidence. Having a personal style has also been linked to positive self-image because it is a form of self-knowledge, and self-knowledge is the hallmark of life satisfaction. Here are tips on developing your style.

Let Your Body Do the Choosing

First, know your body type, and learn how to dress it well. When you know your body type, you’ll know how to flatter your best features and how to disguise the not-so-good features. If you have a rectangular body shape, for example (think David Beckham), you’ll know that slim fitting pants will suit you because they will give the illusion of a slim lower body and layering at the top, together with shirts or blazers that broaden the shoulders, will create an upper form that looks bigger. If you have an inverted triangle body shape (think Vin Diesel), characterised with a broad chest and a slim waist, go for clothes with slim cuts for the upper body, and keep away from pants that will make your legs look slimmer than they already are.

Find A Style Icon and Borrow One Piece at A Time

Do you like Idris Elba’s style? It’ll be a good place to start, picking out pieces worn by people you look up to or whose style you like. They say that what looks great on one person will not necessarily look great on you and it is true. That’s why you should only pick out one item at a time instead of shopping for the whole look at a go. It’s all about experimenting with different looks, and that’s where all the fun lies.

Let Your Lifestyle Work It Out for You

If you work in a rigid and formal work environment, maybe a casual look won’t work. And if you work in a casual setting, the formal look will look a bit rigid. Your lifestyle can sometimes dictate how you dress. Granted, you may want to project a certain image. An image, for example, that says I am a banker but also a creative, in which case you can still wear a formal suit but include one accessory that will express that creative part of you. Like we said, it is a fun journey finding your personal style. So, have fun!

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