Live A Little!



The festivities were in high gear just a few short weeks ago, and your body remembers! With a New Year comes the time for a detox. December has left you bloated and in need of losing a few kilos. This is a good time to give alcohol a break too, allowing your system to clear out. You should make this your all rounded “life detox”. Detach yourself from all forms of negativity in your life, ranging from the people you allow into your mental and emotional place, getting in touch with your spirituality, giving up too much sugary or high-cholesterol foods, drinking less soda and more water, to teaching yourself self-reflection, joining a yoga class to learn meditation and increase your body functions, or learning discipline regarding how to execute your professional duties, and including a little more physical activity in your daily routine. Forgive those who have hurt you, and if you need to, let them know. Have a major clean out month. Be merciless about it. Whatever it is that is not beneficial or useful, be it a relationship or an item gathering dust in the house, let it go.

Love Is in The Air

When did it become a bad thing to enjoy your own company? February is the month of love, and you cannot really love anyone else until you learn to love yourself in a healthy way. Share this love with others. Cook something you would never normally try, that takes longer than a quick 10-30 minutes. Bake or order a fresh batch of muffins from a good bakery for no reason at all and share them at work when visiting friends or with a neighbour who may be on his own. There is never a frown to be seen when pastries are shared. Laugh more. The body does better when there’s laughter coursing through it. Life is never as serious as that scowl you want to force on humanity.

Make an Impact

How many clothes are in your closet that you and your family don’t need? Donate them. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, make plans to visit, then follow through. Change the work-home-work routine and try to get more interpersonal with those around you. Host a dinner party with interactive games and minimal to no alcohol. Mingle with others. Do not live in a bubble; this is how you end up distorting what is acceptable in social settings. Play games that have been forgotten due to technology with friends or family like scrabble, Ludo and Monopoly because these timeless classics are a great way to spend quality time together.

Go Beyond the Known

Have you ever considered learning a completely new language? Here’s your chance. Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages benefits a person’s cognitive process amazingly. The brains of bilingual people function differently than single-language speakers, and these differences offer several mental benefits. Learning a foreign language is, therefore, more than just a boost to your CV or handy for that secret dream of travelling. It will make you smarter, more decisive and even better at English, or any other language you know.

Spread Your Wings

This is a cliché, perhaps, but you need to get out more. Plan a simple road trip with a group of friends. Cut yourselves off from the internet and the smartphones. Bring the board games with you. Go somewhere away from the city to camp out, preferably at a time when the weather is good. Pack a grill and sleeping bags and a portable battery-operated radio. Relax with nature and leave all the technology behind. Discover that fun is not reserved only for children. You deserve it too. If you can, go away from the country. Nothing gives you a greater sense of adventure and an appreciation for home like submerging yourself into a different culture.

Other Simple Ways to Live Life A Lot Less Blandly:

  • Write more handwritten notes. It could be a card attached to a gift, a handwritten letter to a loved one, or a notebook filled with ideas that you are working on.
  • Make a life plan. It doesn’t have to be specific, or even achievable. Just a guide for all the things you would like to do that you can tick as the ones that you want to work towards. Attend a food or wine tasting festival at least once in the year.
  • Open the oven. Make homemade bread. It will smell heavenly and taste just as good.
  • Let someone else order for you at a restaurant. Try out new restaurants at least once a month and eat varied cuisines. ¬
  • Take yourself to the Karura forest and try biking or having a picnic. Get more air into your lungs.
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