Keeping Tabs


Looking for a new home security gadget? Here are the newest, smartest on the market

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy peace of mind. Here is a doorbell for you that does so much more than alert you when someone is at your doorstep. It records videos of everything that happens on your front door even at night when vision is poor. You can stream live and even if you missed anything, you can always access past recordings. Pre-record messages for when you’re not able to answer the door. There’s the option to talk to your guests on video (and they can also talk back), when you are home but can’t come to the door just then. We know what you’re thinking, a burglar would never ring the doorbell, so why bother buying it at all? But this video doorbell is superior, in that whether a person rings the bell or not, it alerts you of someone’s presence at the door and immediately sends an alert to your phone or tablet. You can also receive special alerts for familiar faces such as those of friends and family.

Amazon Cloud Cam

You can keep tabs in your home throughout with the Amazon Cloud Cam that detects motions and sends you notifications. You can watch activities as they happen, and also access the camera’s recording history going back to up to 30 days. That way, you never miss out on anything. And thanks to the two-way audio feature, you can talk to whoever is at home. A great way to check in on your kids when they get home from school and remind them to wash their hands and do their homework. Or if your pet is up to no good, you can tell it to sit down. Night viewing is also possible thanks to its night vision LEDs and computer vision technology. You don’t need to worry about getting unnecessary general notifications. Say for example, the curtains are blowing and the cam detects sound or movement, you don’t want alerts on that, do you? You can set it to ignore certain areas and get notifications when its an actual person moving around.

August Smart Lock Pro

Keys are outdated. They can get lost or stolen. They can be hard to find when you are back home drunk. They can be a disadvantage in a life or death situation. Imagine: You’re coming home late from clubbing and need to get into the house fast because there’s a creepy guy who’s been following you. You get to your front door; rummage through your handbag for the key and can’t find it. You’re emptying your handbag, and your heartrate has already hit the roof. Meanwhile, the creepy guy is gaining on you and oh, what is that object he is carrying? Is that a knife? Okay, maybe I’m being too dramatic, but you get the point? I want to introduce you to a smart way of locking and unlocking your door. With the August Smart Lock, you can lock or unlock your door using your phone. It has an Auto-lock feature, which automatically unlocks the door as you approach, and automatically locks it once you’re inside or when you leave your home. When you’re away and a friend or family member is at the door with no key, you can unlock it for them from wherever you are. You can create virtual keys for other family members and monitor when your family gets home from your phone.

Ring Alarm Security Kit

Do you want the ultimate security kit to monitor your home even when the power goes out and the internet goes down? This kit includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector and range extender. The base station acts as the control centre because it ensures the alarm systems is online and can connect to your devices, so that you get alerted to activities in your home, even when there’s no power, or the internet is down (it has cellular and battery backup that lasts up to 24 hours). The base station is smash-proof. If, for any reason, something or someone destroys it, you will still receive alerts. The contact sensor alerts you to opening of doors or windows, and when someone tries to tamper with it, it sets off the alarm. The motion detector sends you alerts if there’s activity in the home. But what if it’s your pet moving around the home, and you are constantly getting false alerts every time it moves? Well, you can change the settings to select times you don’t want to get alerts, and there’s a motion sensitivity slider that lets you set the sensor to detect activity from people alone or all activities if you wish. That way, you don’t get too many or unnecessary alerts. The range extender simply does what the name suggests: it extends the range of coverage.

Arlo Security Light

Everything you think a security light should do, Arlo Security Light does just that, and so much more. First, you’ll be pleased to know that you can set it up indoors or outside, and it will always work…come rain or shine (it is weather-proof), and you can place it anywhere – no unsightly wires or cords. And because it works with Amazon Alexa, you can simply use voice command to turn the lights on and off. When it detects motion, it sends alerts to your device. You can pair it with any smart camera so that the camera starts recording when activity is detected. We recommend the Arlo Pro 2 security camera that has night vision, records video, lets you talk through the camera and share videos with loved ones. What’s even better, it records activities three seconds before they are triggered, so you never miss anything. We also love the accessories, such as the camouflage skin that doesn’t give it away to intruders.

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