It’s Not Me, It’s You!


Nothing beats finding a great workout Buddy. You push each other to workout harder and more consistently, leading to Greater gains! However, a bad workout Partner can be a real buzz kill. They can encourage bad habits, preventing you from reaping full benefits in the gym. So how do you know if your workout buddy makes the cut? Here are several signs that you should try to avoid in a new Workout partner.

Different Goals:

 Do you both share the same goals? It’s hard to train together if your goals are not in sync. For example, she wants to look good in a bikini while you are training for a marathon. Too competitive: Competitiveness in a partner is fun… but to a point. If your partner doesn’t cheer you on and secretly hopes you fail, the competition has become unhealthy. A competition should encourage you both to have better results, not foster jealousy and failure.

Different Levels:

 Seems like a no-brainer – you should be at the same level of fitness with your gym buddy. It is a pain to train with a beginner when you are at advanced levels. Don’t workout with your best friend if they are not at your level.

Consistently Late:

 If you train together, the least you can expect from your gym partner is to show up on time. If she is running late, she should at least send you a quick text to notify you so you can modify your workout. If she is consistently late, it’s time to let her go.

Misses Workouts:

 While not being as bad as being late, a partner who misses workouts is still a bad idea. It takes the competitiveness and fun out of workouts. If this becomes a habit, you should start questioning her commitment.

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