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You are no stranger to the theatrics that PMS can rage against your body. Changes in hormones means you have to battle with feelings of depression, anxiety, irritability and bursts of anger. Although these feelings are temporary, they tend to have a negative impact on relationships, both professional and personal. Diet choices are especially key at this time of the month; stocking up on whole grains and leafy greens are some of the ways you can keep your blood sugar low and emotions steady. You could also meditate to take care of cramps or extreme mood shifts. Fortunately, studies have been done worldwide to figure out why and how to ease them.

This Strange Body.

PMS is about a lot more than just cramps, bloating, cravings and mood swings. Here are some other odd symptoms reported by women during their monthly period:

Those Cravings

Some months you wish that you could just park besides the glass casing at the bakery and never leave. Other times you can’t walk past a fast food joint without getting weak in the knees and taste buds. PMS cravings are very common and are linked to the dip in serotonin levels in your brain just before menstruation. The salty or sweet carbs you crave have the same feel good effect that serotonin does.

Number Two Looks Odd

Around this time of the month, some women report strange stool patterns ranging from too hard to too soft. This is not uncommon. Because the uterus is distended during menstruation, it presses against the colon, resulting in bloating and constipation. The hormones additionally, contribute to diarrhea in some cases. This is one to wait out while you drink loads of water.

Waxing Is a Nightmare

Unless you don’t like yourself, do not ever book a bikini wax the week before you get your period because it will be a lot more painful. Research says that your pain receptors are more sensitive during this time. So steer clear from your beautician until Aunty Flo makes an exit.


Shortly before and even during your period, you may experience migraines. This happens because of a sudden decrease in your body’s estrogen level. Some women are more susceptible to this condition compared to others, and being on an oral contraceptive also aggravates the condition. Counter the symptom by avoiding triggers like caffeine and stress. Doctors have also been known to suggest over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen or prescribed migraine pills for these headaches.

So Much Water

Over 70% of women report a feeling of unpleasantness around the stomach just before their periods begin. You need to avoid things that make water retention even worse such as salty food and alcohol. To ease bloating symptoms, eat smaller meals spread out across the day rather than two or three big ones. Exercises also help, and in extreme cases, you can take a diuretic.

Things Are Itchy

Things are itchy down below Again credited to the varied hormonal changes during your period, you may be more prone to yeast growth, leading to itchiness, discharge or discomfort. Similarly, the products you use like pads and panty liners could contain fragrances or colours that increase the discomfort. If this is a regular feeling for you, consider switching to organic or cotton products which are gentler. You should also increase your intake of water and natural yoghurt to benefit from “good bacteria”. You have goldfish memory and butter fingers.


PMS brain fog is an actual thing which affects your concentration, motivation and general ability to accomplish anything. Your period can affect your neurotransmitters and make it a lot harder to focus on anything. Increased clumsiness is attributed to the higher estrogen levels which subsequently trigger your liver into making hormones that affect your kidneys and cause fluid retention in your body and brain.

No Amount of Sheep Counting Gets You to Sleep

It is known that your period season tends to make you more tired and worn-out. But uncommonly acknowledged is the fact that it can also make it harder for you to sleep. This is because right before your period, your estrogen and progesterone levels lower; making you experience heat flushes at night and the inability to catch proper winks.

The Wacky World of Menstruation

Did you know?

The average, complete amount of blood lost during a period ranges from just two tablespoons to half a cup. And the average total amount of blood lost during a menstrual phase is around three tablespoons. Any blood loss upwards of a cup could be the sign of a serious medical problem. An average woman can expect to spend nearly ten years of her whole life menstruating. To give a little more context, that is around 3,500 days communing with good old Aunty Flo. 8 During colder seasons, women experience more vicious periods. The cramp pain level, blood flow, and length tend to be longer as compared to hotter seasons. 8 Aside from elephants and humpback whales, human females are one of the only mammals that go through menopause. Women are born with around one to two million immature eggs (or follicles) in their ovaries. Only about 400 ever mature.  Your libido can substantially increase during your period due to lower estrogen and progesterone hormone levels.

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