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The basic man bags that every modern man should own

It’s official. The ‘Man Bag’ or ‘Murse’ has become an essential accessory in the modern man’s style arsenal. No, it’s not feminine to walk around with one. Men’s pockets just can’t handle the number of accessories they need daily. The average phone today, is bigger than your jean pockets. Plus, you have your earphones, a tablet, breath mint and a wallet to think about. But if your buddies still laugh at the man bag, keep in mind that they make up a fifth of the luxury handbag market. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Valentino and Louis Vuitton are not only proof of that, they’re proud of it too; going bold with print and design. By 2018, man bags are projected to top $8 billion.  So instead of asking your significant other to put it in her handbag / purse, here are some man bag basics to help you go out and get one:

The Briefcase

Don’t worry,  we aren’t talking about the stuffy businessman variety. They’ve gotten a sleek update for a slimmer, un-box like appearance. It’s the more professional bag of the man bag universe and needs to be carried as so. Paired with a smart, well-fitting suit, hold it firmly in one hand and channel your inner James Bond. Best for the office- bound man.

The Satchel

Unlike the briefcase, this bag is carried via a shoulder-strap that’s worn across the body in a diagonal manner. It’s also made of thinner leather, so it’s a soft-sided, flexible accessory that is known for its practicality. Hey, if it was good enough for Indiana Jones, surviving rainforests and Temples of Doom, it’s gone enough for the urban jungle.

The Messenger Bag

This is very like the satchel in look, and how it’s worn is diagonally across the body. Although canvas is commonly used in the design, it has a wider range of colour, sizes and materials it chooses from. It’s versatile enough to work with a wider array of outfit styles.

The Holdall / Duffel Bag

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or your go-to gym bag, this is your luggage bag or mini travel bag. Just because you have a little more stuff to carry doesn’t mean it can’t complement your outfit. But if you’re feeling like a Rockstar, you can use it as an oversized bag for your day-to-day operations. Kanye sports a Hermes Haut à Courroies in tan leather, while Pharrell’s is a purple crocodile. So why can’t you rock a statement bag too?

The Backpack

It’s the most ergonomically built, to carry heavy stuff when you’re on the move. In addition, it is hands- free so you can multitask. It screams rugged outdoorsy man, but with the variety of styles, it can be used by the student, casual man, bike man or techie. You can keep it minimalistic and utilitarian, or go crazy with the self-expression.

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