I Quit!


Because some things should be given up It’s been engrained in us. Once you start something you have to stick to it to the bitter or fruitful end. However, there are particular situations in our lives – be it business or pleasure – that we should, in reality, walk away from. If we’re honest with ourselves, we should have done it ages ago.

Have a sneaky hunch that you need to cut a relationship, goal or project from your life? Here’s what to consider so you can feel great about your decision to throw in the towel.

You Can’t Remember What It Feels Like to Win

Are you giving all your resources to it but it doesn’t feel like you’re getting much in return? If cutting it out of your life will make the bigger picture brighter again, do it!

Where Did the Fun Go?

A massive sign that it’s time to hang up your hat is if that it brings you pain or frustration more often than joy. Another red flag is that you’re just going through the motions. You could have started out excited for a marathon and despite your excellent improvements in training, you’re just not inspired by the end goal of completing the marathon. In fact, the thought of the day drains your spirits when it should be energising you. Life is too precious to do something ‘just because’.

It’s Costing You in Another Area

Is this activity you’re striving for, taking away from a more valuable opportunity? Whatever you’re chasing shouldn’t come at the price of your health, a better job or even a healthier relationship with a more suitable partner.

Your Main Concerns in Life Have Changed

As external circumstances change around us, we have to remain flexible. Because human beings are so dynamic, we can’t afford to have static plans. It’s okay to change your mind if you have a good, logical reason for it.

You’re Not Doing It for Yourself Anymore

The minute you realise you’re doing this to prove something for someone else you need to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

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