How to Have A First Date Killer


So, you asked that incredible girl for a date and she agreed. Once you’ve stopped telling all who will listen “Yeah, that’s how I roll” and popping your collar, you’d better get your game on. But this is where your problems begin: she’s hot, she knows it and you’ve got to sweep her off her feet. The ball is squarely in your court, and you have just 48 hours to concoct a magical first date to let her see what an amazing guy you are. But don’t worry, MALE has your back. Here are three awesome evenings we’ve devised to cater for any wallet, large or small. No need to thank us, just enjoy.

Date 1: Home Made the Thoughtful Option

Magazeti challenges you to get a refusal from the following sentence: “I thought you might like to come over to my place, I can cook us something nice, maybe we can watch a comedy and then I can see what makes you laugh.”

Most girls will jump at this offer, for a number of reasons. Firstly, she wants to see how you live. Do you look after your place? Because if you do you, she’ll know you’ll treat her well, too. Secondly, that you can cook, which means you certainly know where the kitchen is and any girl knows that a man who can cook is sensitive and modern. Finally, that if you’ve suggested a comedy, you’re going to be fun company and it’s not all guns, muscles and machismo.

Just make sure you tidy up, lose the dirty underwear on the couch, make sure you won’t get any unwanted visitors for the evening, create a relaxed playlist and slip on a crisp clean polo shirt.

As for the movie, go for a classic romantic comedy (if you’re completely stuck, they usually star Drew Barrymore or Jennifer Aniston) as we also need to see if she is going to thaw out a bit. A perfect flick to watch is the 2010 Adam Sandler movie Grown Ups, slightly cheesy and full of off the- cuff unscripted moments. Heat your packet popcorn, snuggle up and let the laughing begin.

Can’t Cook? Then just go simple and go healthy, she needs to know you are concerned about her figure. The best for that is a Mediterranean dish: try packet couscous, which couldn’t be easier, just add water then make it a little more exotic by slicing in some sun-dried tomatoes from a jar. For a simple Greek salad just chop cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, olive oil and sprinkle with oregano and olive oil. Then just grill some meat (try lamb rather than steak), maybe add a packet of spices and you’re good to go.

Date 2: Frock and Heels Dress to Impress

The secret to a night on the town is to keep moving, don’t get stale and change the surroundings to keep the excitement levels high. The key here is planning, with our cities getting more and more congested, sitting in traffic will not get you points and probably not that goodnight kiss.

So, set the day, tell her to put her heels on and get ready to wow her. This should go without saying but pick the lady up, open and close the car door for her and slip on the tunes. Make sure it’s a short-ish drive to the first place, somewhere that’s stylish, does cocktails, and has ideally just opened. Check Kenya Buzz or Up Nairobi for options. But if there’s nothing grabbing your fancy, try Zen Gardens on Lower Kabete, perfect for early evening, she can relax as she may know it already and it is comfortably expensive. Book an outside table, people watch and enjoy the ambience. Don’t get too comfortable, however. When you guys start feeling a little peckish, then make a short ride to eat somewhere you can talk, where it’s fun, light and not too serious. Just over the way from Zen Gardens is 360 Degrees Pizza, serving incredible Neapolitan pizzas with authentic ingredients. Suggest you share both, so you get two tastes and don’t forget to leave room for the salted caramel ice cream, which she’s sure to love. If pizza seems heavy then try Seven Grill & Lounge just a few metres away, with its superb selection of steaks and seafood. If you do go for the surf, get the giant tiger prawns rather than the lobster – watching you decimate a dead crustacean with torture implements may not be the mood you’re looking for.

After dinner, moving on just couldn’t be simpler. Simply slip next door into Mercury Lounge and drink in the atmosphere. Let the lady sit on the long comfortable leather seat and let the wooing begin.

That’s Hot If you’re running out of small talk, don’t stress, drop a few dinner-related talking points into the conversation (but not too many, you don’t want to sound she’s gone on a date with Google). 360 Degrees is named after the temperature at which the restaurant cooks their pizzas. Pizza first hailed from the Italian city of Naples, in fact, there are still ‘purist’ pizzerias there that serve only two types: the Margherita, which is tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil and the Marinara (or Seaman’s Wife) which is tomato, oregano, garlic and olive oil, so named as apparently only the wife of a seaman can make it…

Date 3 Fur Coat Let the Money Do the Talking

Nairobi traffic is just landscape if you are flying high above it. So how about hiring a chauffeur driven Bentley from Nairobi Car Hire to take you to the Aero Club of East Africa in Wilson Airport in style, opening a bottle of Bollinger Grande Annee on the way. Once you arrive, this is a private members club so do make sure you’ve kept up with your KShs100,000 subscriptions.

Once inside, order a cocktail and wait for your private helicopter to lift you high above the Nairobi National Reserve, but do be sensible and make sure you get a twin engine such as a Agusta 109 if you are travelling after dark.

Settle back to watch the scenery switch from urban hustle and bustle to the beauty of the Rift Valley as you soar towards your goal, the slopes of the second highest mountain in Africa. The great peaks of Batian and Nelion wave you in to the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club. After you land on their lawn, you’ll be met by the charming manager Nile then escorted into the private William Holden dining room. But why fly all this way for just the evening? The luxury cottages are a haven to investigate this jaw-dropping hotel from (however ensure you book two rooms, we are not all as lucky as Mr Bond…)

Bond’s Bollinger True Champagne can only come from the French region of… well obviously Champagne. First brewed by Benedictine Monks in 1531, the drink is now the favourite of rap stars and the fictional British spy James Bond alike. In fact, the secret agent had his own special limited release, 002, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ladykiller…

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