How to Create Your Man Cave


Here are the essentials you will need for you to create a private space you will love

Comedienne Rita Rudner once said, “Men are just bears with furniture.” Indeed, this is true. Every once in a while, men like to hibernate – except, unlike bears who do it in a dark, dank cave, men like to do this is a well kitted room with all the toys their hearts desire.

The traditional formula for a man cave has been a simple one: take an empty garage or room, add a reclining couch, a large-screen TV, a pool table, a hi-fi system and small refrigerator to store beer in and voila – man cave created. Most people make the assumption that a large TV screen and sound system is all it takes to make a man’s sanctuary, but it is more than that; that space needs to be personalised to his tastes and interests.

Space is a very powerful mechanism for evoking emotions; having your own space built with your input can positively affect emotional well-being. This is a space that should resonate with who you are at your core.

When we’re reading car magazines, listening to loud music, or watching action movies or sports games, a man cave serves a basic psychological function, even if the owner of the cave is unaware of it. It is, in a way, saying, “I love my family and flowers, but that’s not what I need to regulate my emotions”.

Man caves are the architectural equivalent of hanging out with your boys. The desire to return to the cave seems to be lurking beneath the surface of every man’s consciousness – and it is catching on even in Kenya. For those with garages in their homes, it is easy to play around with the space, turning it into a sanctuary for you and your boys. However this does not mean that man caves are limited to those with garages; any extra room (bedroom, store) can serve as a man cave when well designed and arranged.

Every man deserves a space in his home that showcases his favourite things – be it memorabilia, video games, comic books, vinyl records, gadgets or even souvenir sports regalia – and trophies. That is one of the purposes of having a man cave – to house all of your prized possessions in one room.

Creating Your Ideal Man Cave.

The basics include things like a rug, couch and of course, a huge TV. You can throw in a beer fridge, too. Your ideal man cave should be able to speak to and about you; it should be your comfort zone. Other than the usual souvenirs, trophies and accolades, here are other items that shouldn’t lack in a man’s sanctuary.

The Whiskey and Cigar Cellar.

Ever heard of cigars, whiskey and fellowships? This type of man sanctuary is for the ‘classic’ modern man, the type of man who is reserved enough to stay indoors over the weekends but still cool enough to have a shot of his favorite single malt whiskey. You can have built-in shelves for your variety of whiskeys and a cabinet for cigars. The sitting arrangement is that of the classic coffee shop – couches facing each other and a coffee table. The room makes sense if it has a woody, library feel to it.

The Game Arcade.

This sanctuary is ideal for those who want to bring out their inner child. Essentials will include a large TV screen, game consoles (Sony PlayStation 4 or Xbox One), puff seats or beanbags. Oh, and you may want to consider some basic sound proofing for you and your boys to go wild with joy while scoring perfect fatalities or headshots.

A Mini Home Cinema.

Create your own movie theatre experience with a projector, a quality sound home-theatre, and recliner seats. You can even throw in a popcorn machine and a ‘concession stand’ stocked with all your favourite snacks. This type of space is ideal for cinephiles to chill and watch some quality entertainment in style.

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