Got Your Digits


Here’s how your fingers sell out your personality

If your eyes are the window to your soul, your fingers act as the gatekeepers to your personality. As weird as it may seem, our fingers give away a lot of unique information about what we are as individuals. Everything from shapes, to the length, have something intimate to reveal about a person. Just what do these extremities disclose about our personality?

Finger Length

For this, examine the lengths of the index and ring finger to suss out their characteristics.

  • Type A: Ring Finger longer than the Index – These individuals are charmers and tend to be beautiful in appearance. They are also considered more decisive, as well as, risk takers. Science has shown that they tend to earn more at their workplace than Type B individuals.
  • Type B: Ring Finger shorter than the Index – Not only are they considered self-confident, they can come off as arrogant and narcissistic. Truth is, they enjoy their personal space and take refuge in their solitude. When it comes to dating, they’ll never make the first move. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate or crave attention.
  • Type C: Ring and Index finger are the same lengths – Considered peace-loving individuals who’ll do just about anything to avoid conflict. You’ll notice that they try to get along with everyone. In relationships, they are caring, extremely faithful and full of tenderness towards their significant other.

Finger Shape

  • Type A: A straight finger – means that the person doesn’t like to show their emotions. They always portray a cool, strong and controlled exterior, even if they’re internally volatile. At first encounter, they can be cold and distant with someone new. But slowly open up to the person once they get to know them. Champions of truth and fairness, they’ll write you off if you lie or deceive them.
  • Type B: The crooked or irregular finger – shows that they are daydreamers, filled with active imaginations. A glowing quality is that once they’ve decided to do something, they almost always see it through. They are sensitive but never show it as they care about how it’ll impact other’s feelings.
  • Type C: Fingers with slightly bulging midsections – don’t cope with unfamiliar things too well. They know what they like and dislike, which can come off as overbearing sometimes. However, they forgive easily and truly have a big sensitive heart.

The Pinkie Test

  • Type A: When the pinkie finger just reaches the top line of the ring finger – the person tends to exhibit traits of a hard worker. Though they are emotionally guarded and have a low tolerance level for strangers, they give 110% to the people in their lives. Just don’t lie to them.
  • Type B: When the pinkie is slightly above the line – the individual tends to be more sensitive than they let on. But deep down they’re patient and most often the calmest in any situation. They also pay a lot of attention to not hurting other’s feelings as well as protecting their own. You want them as a friend, or a significant other, as they tend to be loyal and faithful.
  • Type C: A short pinkie – generally means that they are self-aware, honest, straightforward and stuck in their routine. They don’t like to gossip so don’t even try to share anyone’s dirty laundry with them. They also hate change so if you want to get to know them, do so in their comfort zone.
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