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Unexpected marketing strategies that will take your start-up to the next level

Marketing plays a huge role in the success of your business. But it doesn’t come cheap…or so you think. If yours is a start-up that can’t yet afford a big budget—or any budget at all in the beginning— for huge marketing campaigns, there are unexpected strategies that can still work for you. Marketing is all about creativity. Read on for tips.

Bend The Rules

Dr Syed Hasan, a lead researcher of a study titled The Role of Customer Gratitude in Making Relationship Marketing Investments Successful, established that creating ways to generate customer gratitude and appreciation can make them feel valued and this increases loyalty—a win for marketing. And here, we’re not talking offering a free case for every phone or laptop they buy (although those freebies don’t hurt). One example he provided, that will not cost you a dime, is “bending” the rules. For example, if a customer shows up at the door five minutes after closing time, allow them in. Or if they’re looking for a product that you don’t have but your competitor does, refer the customer to them. It might seem counterproductive, but it works in the end because it reminds the customer that you care more for their needs, not just for profit. This can translate to loyalty, and loyalty is good for business.

Get More “Likes”

No marketer can deny the power of social media. You can reach thousands of people add unique, personal touches to how you communicate and ultimately build an audience. Make sure you post regularly to get customers (and potential customers) to regularly come onto your page. And keep your posts engaging. So great is the power of social media that posts with high engagement—whether they are negative, positive or neutral—can impact consumer spending, according to researchers from the University at Buffalo. Perhaps a twist to the adage that all publicity is good publicity: they found in their 2016 study that as long as a post had a high engagement, negative or neutral, they pushed up sales compared with posts that were positive but had little or no likes, were less commented upon, or less shared.

Give To Charity

We get it, you have a small budget and can’t afford to sponsor big events, but there are many ways you can give back. As already mentioned, marketing is all about creativity. Volunteering is one tried and tested strategy. Look for volunteering avenues that speak to you and your business and get input from your employees as well. Volunteering works because not only will you be helping someone in need and consumers will love you for it, you’ll also get your name out there and, according to conclusions of a 2017 volunteerism survey by Deloitte, volunteering can boost how people perceive your brand. What’s more, it can boost employee morale and create a positive atmosphere at the workplace. All at no or little cost.

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