From Lazy to Lit!


Did you know that rest days are just as important as workouts? Yes, they are! They give your body time to heal and build stronger, bigger muscles. All the better for killing it in your next workout. However, your “day off” doesn’t give you the license to park your bum on a couch and binge on Netflix all day! Nope. You must be more strategic with your rest days if you want to maximise your workouts, burn fat, and get faster results. To make your rest days count, the trick is to do activities which boost blood circulation without taxing your body. Here are five ways to do just that:

Low-Intensity Cardio

In active recovery, you can have a low-intensity cardio session to keep your blood moving and to burn some extra calories while at it. Don’t have a specific rest day cardio workout? No worries. Just cut your normal cardio session in half.


Who doesn’t like a great massage, especially when suffering from the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)? A massage boosts circulation helps loosen tense muscles and relieves DOMS. You can employ the service of a professional massage therapist, or even use your foam roller.

Breathing Exercises

Most of us are inefficient breathers. We tend to hold our breath on regular basis. On rest days, you can practice breathing exercises to invite more oxygen into your lungs, which is then transported through the blood to your muscles.

Stability Movements

Functional movements like rowing and crawling can help build your stability on rest days. Such movements may also force your body to use smaller muscles that may not be the focus of your regular workouts. Hit the rowing machine for a light workout or even crawl on the floor with your kids or pets for a fun and playful session.

Power Nap

You can take a quick 30-minute power nap to rejuvenate your body and mind. Studies have found that a short daytime nap can help the body heal and restore energy.

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