Fight The Burn


Natural sunburn remedies to soothe your skin

Regardless of skin colour, anyone can get sunburn. Granted, it is true that darker skin tones produce more of the pigment called melanin, which protects the skin. However, it only does so to a certain extent.

After all, the sun’s rays are rather powerful. Darker tones may not go red like their Caucasians, but they still feel the symptoms of sunburn such as tightness, pain, and peeling after a couple of day.

Part of the reason why this misconception has been perpetuated for so long is because the symptoms manifest themselves quite differently from those with fairer skin. Nevertheless, when you skimp on the sunscreen, overtime and after multiple sunburns, people of colour start to develop dark spots also known as patchy dyspigmentation. Consequently, here are some soothing or preventive remedies for scorching sunburns right in the comfort of your home.


Eating this superfood often can prepare your skin for sun exposure thanks its rich source of Vitamin C. UV rays produce a significant number of free radicles in the skin. Research published in the National Centre for Biotechnology Information indicates that Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, works to remove free radicals from the body and is even more effective when paired up with Vitamin E. It’s worth noting that guavas contain five times the amount of Vitamin C than oranges.


Munching on these red, organic veggies is said to increase your body’s natural defense against sunburn. Apart from the Vitamin C content, it has lycopene which fights free radicals and hydrates the skin. Interestingly cooked tomatoes have more lycopene than the raw ones. But if the burn has already happened, you can place a few slices on the burn to offer relief.

Ground Oatmeal

Running a cup of your uncooked oatmeal through a processor and adding it to your cool bathwater could be a saviour when your entire body is sunburnt.  Soaking in oatmeal, offers reprieve thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Green Tea

This weight loss food also happens to be a soothing and preventive remedy for sunburn. According to a study published in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, having a cup of it daily exposes your body to its catechin compounds that protect against the sun’s harmful radiation. While it also offers relief when you apply soaked teabags to your skin due to its tannic acid.


Eating these carbs may be terrible for your waistline, but its starchy compounds could essentially save you from the seething pain.


They not only help to reduce swelling under the eyes, but also soothe sunburns too. Additionally, they contain ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, which help reduce swelling and combat burns. Simply mash it up, and apply to the affected area.

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