Father’s Day Gifts


Make your father feel special with these amazing gifts

Garmin Vivosport

Tracking progress is what successful goal setting is made of, and if his goal is to be active and healthy, Garmin Vivosport will make for a great gift. It comes with a GPS that tracks speed, distance, etc., for both indoor and outdoor activities. It also can track stress levels, monitor heartrate and VO2 max, that is, the measure of the oxygen one can take in during a workout. And what’s more, he can join a community of like-minded people to cheer him on on an otherwise strenuous journey to better health. All this while still staying connected as one can get texts, calls, keep up to date with social media and pretty much all else the smartphone can do.

JBL Bar 5.1

What other way to say I-love-you than with a 5.1 home theatre system that will ensure an immersive viewing and listening experience? Meet the JBL Bar 5.1: it comes with surround speakers that are detachable and battery powered, promising ten hours of glorious playtime. There’s also the subwoofer, ten inches of it, that doesn’t cause unsightly clutter because it is wireless. Shift from TV sound to Bluetooth, from your smartphone or tablet and no, you don’t need to budget for a remote because your TV remote will still work with this one.

Google Home Mini

Get dad the assistance he needs with this tiny device that does all the tasks nonetheless. If it is answers he needs, Google Home Mini can deliver them quick and accurate. If it is weather, traffic or news updates, touché. If he wants a hands-free diary, this device can help with that. If he wants to disappear in a story after work to drive away the pressures of the day, it can play audiobooks, music or whatever he is in the mood for. When done, he doesn’t need to get up to turn off the lights or other devices. He can just give the command, and Google Home Mini will do all that.

Bose SoundLink Micro

Bose SoundLink Micro is a great gift for lovers of music, especially music lovers always on the go. Its size and design make it a great companion. We’re not saying you should play catch with it, but in the instance it falls, you will rest easy because the silicon runner exterior will cushion the impact. And if it happens to fall in water, well, it is water resistant. It will almost shock you that a thing this small can emit sound so loud and so crisp you can almost touch it. You’ll be impressed and dad will, too!

Sony Xperia XZ2

The latest Sony phone comes with so many new amazing features. The High Dynamic Range display, for example. It allows for cinematic viewing and recording experience. The phone has a 3D glass finish and is water resistant. It also features wireless charging, with a battery that lasts longer when compared to other smartphone batteries.

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