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These foods are hurting your face

They say that beauty is skin deep. Didn’t we all think they were referring to personality? Who knew that they were also referring to the foods and drinks we put into our bodies? Those three meals (plus the occasional snacks and happy hour tipples) contribute to how your visage will mature as you age. So now, it’s not only a ‘moment on your lips, forever on your hips’ that we have to worry about. Being more conscious about what you consume can be the beneficial sidekick your external beauty routine has been looking for. We’ve put together a list of some of the biggest facial offenders that you should try to avoid. If you can’t cut them out completely, at the very least, you can try to consume them with moderation.

‘You are what you eat’. And nothing proves this adage right than the impact food has on our bodies. While we all know how nutrition affects our weight and overall health, we’re here to remind you that it can make or break your skin as well. If you think about it, poor nutrition is like a cigarette. They both end up being a major influence in the quality of your appearance, believe it or not. Author of The Clear Skin Diet, Alan Logan, elaborates that a poor diet can lead to acne and other skin conditions because it triggers the production of inflammatory chemicals in the skin. If you keep the bad habits up, it could result in fine wrinkles and lines, way ahead of schedule. To stop aging yourself and give your skin a youthful, fighting chance, knock these food offenders off your meal plan (Or at least eat them well within moderation).


Those that are high in omega-6s such as brazil nuts, walnuts and pecans, tend to be pro-inflammatory. This means that munching on too much of this snack can trigger skin conditions such as acne flare-ups.


When you gobble up salty food, it makes the body retains fluids; giving you a puffy appearance around the eyes. This is especially true if you have a salty dish before bedtime.


If you haven’t kicked your sweet tooth habit yet, you’re exposing your poor skin to redness and inflammation. Furthermore, sugar weakens the immune system. Thus, your body isn’t as equipped to fight of the bacteria that causes acne and other skin conditions. Sugar also acts as food for bad bacteria in your system, resulting in digestive issues that are reflected on your visage.


Sadly, research has shown that three cups or more of caffeine daily increases cortisol production in the body. Also known as the stress hormone, cortisol accelerates the aging process and damages our skin. This includes thinning the skin, which translates to sagging, wrinkles and lines, dryness and an overall dreary façade.


Another skin dehydrator on the list, booze, does play a part in acne and skin-aging. Firstly, it’s known to make the skin pores large when you consume excess amounts of alcohol. Secondly, it’s high in sugar which depletes collagen and increases the aging rate. Lastly, the dehydration adds to your dark-circle woes under your eyes.

Processed foods

These foods tend to incorporate preservatives, trans fats and additives which all cause your blood sugar to spike. Your hormones take this as a cue to start producing more oil, which in turn clogs up your pores and the results in that. Overtime, consistent consumption will certainly manifest in aged skin.

Crash diets

Extreme diets put your body into shock because they rob it of nutrients. This often results in dehydrated skin, large pores and dark circles when you resume your normal meal plan.

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