Eat Something!


Here are a list of foods to eat and some that you should avoid before your workout.

Remember the myth that training on an empty and rumbling tummy will lead to more fat loss? On the contrary, you could be causing muscle loss, or your body could decide to shut down and burn nothing at all. For your standard workout session, you need the right combination of nutrients to give you energy during the session and to help your body repair muscles afterwards. However, not all foods are made equal and even the healthiest foods eaten at the wrong time could damage your gains.

Have This


Also known as nature’s power bar, bananas are packed with potassium which maintains muscle and nerve function. It also has digestible carbohydrates. They are best when consumed 30 minutes before workout, since the body doesn’t store potassium for long periods of time.
Egg Whites
An easy way to get the protein without the fat. Unlike the yolk which can make you feel sluggish and bloated, egg whites have four grams of protein making this the pre-workout gold.


It’s fibre without the pesky gas! Eating oats 30 minutes to your workout will ensure you have energy till your last set, since it gradually releases carbs into the bloodstream. It also has B vitamins that convert those carbs into energy.

Wholegrain Bread

If you love your bread, you’ll be glad to hear that wholegrain makes for a great carbohydrate source. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to add natural honey or jam on top for that extra fuel to nail your exercise regime.

Avoid That


Even though this is the good kind of fat, it’s not the fat content you should be ingesting before exercising. This is because fats are slow to digest and can cause cramping and discomfort since it draws more blood to the stomach to assist with digestion.

Baked Treats

It may be tempting to grab a croissant or muffin before you hit the gym, but that sweet session could do more harm than good. Due to the oil, butter and shortening often used in baking, these products tend to stay in the stomach longer.


This magical fruit is known for making everyone gassy! And we all know the more you eat the more likely you’ll be tooting your way through your workout. Definitely not a good look (or smell). This can be blamed on the indigestible carbohydrate in beans known as raffinose.



Strong bones are always welcome, but having dairy products before a workout slows down your system. In some, lactose heavy products such as cheese and milk can cause intestinal cramping. If you’re even the slightest bit lactose intolerant you unquestionably want to avoid dairy!

Protein bars

A lot of protein bars on the market are in fact just glorified candy bars. If it doesn’t have more than 10g of protein in it, it will cause a sugar rush followed by a quick drop in blood sugar. The result is early onset of fatigue during your workout.

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