Dirty Thirty: How To Get And Keep Fit Post 30s


Lifestyle changes, to help you make the best of your dirty thirties and the years beyond

Turning thirty is a nostalgic goodbye to your carefree youth and a gentleman’s hello to full-out responsibility. It’s also an introduction to fleeting youth; what with the change in hormones affecting your fat and muscle ratio. Then there’s the fact that you’re going to experience a production decline of approximately one percent of your sex hormone – testosterone – annually. This doesn’t have to be a horror story into geriatric existence. With these lifestyle changes, you can make the best of your dirty thirties and the years beyond.

Doctor Dates

You’re not an invincible teen anymore. On an average, stamina in men peaks by the age of 32 and then begins its gradual decline. That means you should start taking ailments more seriously. Your heart for example, which is also a muscle, starts to lose its strength; affecting things like your cholesterol and blood pressure. Regular checks for your heart and other organs will help you catch trouble early and give you your best bet at prolonged existence.

Move it. Move it!

Skipped out on all that exercise in your 20s? Can’t pull that stunt now, especially if you like having a machismo amount of testosterone. Resistance and interval training at the gym send signals to your brain that your muscle mass shouldn’t go anywhere. All those push/pull movements and big compound lifts help to boost testosterone levels naturally, while the cardiovascular and HIIT exercises will keep you trim. The bonus of exercise and enough rest is a decent production of Human Growth Hormone; that’s what keeps you lean and slows down the aging process. Note: you shouldn’t take this as a cue to overdo the workouts or you’ll be dealing with a whole new host of issues.

Train for Longevity too

You’re not as flexible as you used to be a brother. In fact, we’re sure your coordination and bone density has been affected by a sedentary life. In between your ‘pumping iron’ sessions, make time for drills such as yoga that boost your overall flexibility and movement. It’ll go a long way in preventing you from becoming an old, grumpy man too.

Limit Your Fuel

You just can’t put away the same amount of food as you did before without the visual consequences. With an active lifestyle, you can be satiated with a daily 2000 caloric intake and still have weight loss. However, since calorie counting isn’t everyone’s shtick, it all comes down to a balanced diet that addresses your body’s needs. (Ahem, a nutritionist can help define this for you). Sadly, this means you also should cut back on your booze cruise, since liquor and beer are the gateways to pot-belly hell.

With that, you should be on your way to a fitter, faster and stronger thirties; and beyond.

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