Crazy for Cayenne Pepper


Adding a little bit of Cayenne pepper to your food once a day is enough to begin with.

  1. Cayenne is good for more than adding a slight kick to your food. This herb is great for your circulatory system because it works on your cell structure, arteries and veins in order to keep them vibrant thus maintaining the elasticity of youth. It contains a host of beneficial vitamins like A, C and E, plus potassium. But in order to reap any nutritional benefit, you will need to eat it in large quantities, especially in salads and soups.
  2. Cayenne is adored for its metabolism boosting properties. This is attributed to its capsaicin content. Capsaicin dilutes the blood vessels and raises body temperature, all exceptional traits needed for weight loss in the long term.
  3. In both the Americas and China there’s been a history of using Cayenne pepper medicinally and therapeutically. It has been used for many ailments including heartburn, gout, tremors, paralysis, fever, gassiness, sore throat and nausea.
  4. Cayenne has the ability to reduce acidity in the body, and similar to cinnamon, widens body capillaries and regulates blood sugar, keeping energy levels and moods stabilised.
  5. Cayenne helps in generating more saliva, which is great for digestion and keeping bad breath at bay.

Cayenne is a natural anti-inflammatory. Studies have found that it helps relieve pain after surgery, or arthritis related joint or muscle pains by reducing levels of substance P (responsible for sending pain signals to the brain).

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