Costly Habits


Daily habits that are making you go broke

Every payday, many of you promise yourselves that you will be better with your finances. That this month, you’ll unquestionably save and be responsible with your cash. But by the end of the first week, you’re left puzzled as to why things aren’t going as planned and why the wallet moths are back. The thing is; everything adds up. We’re not talking about the extravagant purchases. Rather, the tiny everyday habits that seem harmless and even inexpensive. Worse still, you may be unconsciously doing several of the money drainers that are featured on this list. If you’re constantly trying to find out where your money is going, it’s time to quit some (if not all) of these daily lifestyle habits.

Taking A Car Everywhere

Whether you’re driving your own car or hopping into a taxi, using a car to go the shorter distances ends up being pricey. Before setting out, way out the distance and time it’ll take to get there. Often, you’ll find that it’s healthier, cheaper, and sometimes faster to walk there instead.

Eating Out

Once in a while, it’s allowed. But eating out every day, even when you’re eating at lower-priced establishments, does end up costing you a pretty penny by the end of the year. That’s why most money-saving tips will always advise you to carry a packed-lunch from home.

Impulse Shopping

Are you sticking to your shopping list? You may go into the store with every intention to buy ten items, but then you see a super-hot deal that you can’t pass on. Or perhaps as you were standing in the till queue you decided to get a candy bar. Because you’ll place these additional items with the shopping you came for, it may be hard to track that you’re doing it. Not to mention how much its costing you annually. Figure out what triggers you, and form strategies to circumvent it.


This bad habit is costly in two ways. Firstly, the cost of buying a pack is a weekly endeavour. For example, if you smoke a pack a day, at KSh200, that adds up to Ksh73,000 you could have saved or put to investment use. Secondly, the toll cigarettes take on your body will certainly lead to serious health conditions. And we all know how expensive medical bills can get.


Maybe you only go for a happy hour for the great prices, but even three nights every week, for a month, ends up being expensive. Because let’s face it, you’re not having just one drink. It’s time, to be honest with how much you drink, where you have those drinks and how often you’re doing so in a week, month and year. Once you see that figure, start to cut back on the frequency of drinks and outings for your pocket and health’s sake.

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