Colourful Thinking


What impact does colour have on your brain and actions?

In other areas of life, you possess an iron-grip will that keeps you faithful to your budget. So, how is it that stores always empty your wallet, and restaurants make you weak to their wiles? Multiple studies have shown that approximately 80% of our purchases are persuaded by colour.

For example, Soar Collective suggests that women respond better to greens, blues and purples, whereas the men prefer greens, blacks and blues. Younger individuals gravitate to loud colours such as yellow and red, while older folks prefer blue for its association with trustworthiness and tranquillity. How else are colours subconsciously working on your buying verdicts?


High-end products, like black because it oozes sophistication and luxury. It also possesses that confidence that kicks up a product’s edge and glamour factor. Think of brands such as Nike, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel and Mont Blanc.


Everyone’s favourite colour is used in most financial institution logos because they want to portray an air of fidelity and consistency. The Journal of Business Research, published a study in 2003 that indicated that blue makes everyone feel secure.


This hue immediately conjures up images of the environment. Thus, eco-conscious companies and products will incorporate it. In addition, it makes people think of money and prestige, making it a common hue with financial institutions too.


Your brain associates this colour with affordability, value and impartiality. When used in a store, your more likely to buy much more because you reckon you’re getting a deal. It also works in eateries and coffee shops, because it increases happiness and gets the conversations flowing. Not to mention, increases your appetite.


A study featured in the Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry suggested that seeing the bubble-gum swatch of pink, relaxes your muscles by slowing down your endocrine system. When you’re calm, you’re less apprehensive about spending extra cash. Pink, additionally, is considered feminine and thus brands such as Victoria Secrets and Barbie use it in their branding.


Passionate and aggressive, when this dominating colour is used correctly, it can decrease analytical thinking. It catches your eye and gets your blood pumping, making it ideal for sales. Plus, it increases appetite. Think KFC, McDonalds and Coca-Cola.


Associated with nobility and royalty, it’s very commonly used in the beauty industry. Mainly to convince you that the product is chock-full of special ingredients, and also to justify that the exorbitant price tag is warranted.


Skincare brands like this colour because it conveys purity and simplicity. Alternatively, Apple may use white because it also expresses innovation and uprightness.


Its lightest shade screams fun, happiness and hope. With all that extra energy, no wonder it gets your stomach growling. Because it stimulates the nervous system and mental processes, shops like to incorporate it in their window display to lure you in.

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