Brow Rehab


How to grow back those over-plucked eyebrows

Eyebrows contribute more to your overall look than you think.  They act as a frame for your face and have the power to lift your features. Finding the perfect shape and volume that suits your face will not only lift and frame your features, but also make you look healthier. Unfortunately, over plucked eyebrows still exist. Perhaps you were a bit tweezer-happy as a teen or maybe you fell prey to the ‘shave-off draw-on’ trend. Could you ever achieve the full arch and brow thickness your face needs? Below are some tips to correct the brow blunder.

Hands Off

During the growing process, you will be tempted to ‘clean’ out any stray hairs. Don’t! Letting your brows grow back means letting your growth cycle happen in peace. According to Into The Gloss, the hair’s growth cycle starts with “the anagen phase (active growing), then the catagen phase (growth stops), followed by the telogen phase (the hair is at rest) and then the hair falls out, and a new one grows in its place.” When you repeatedly yank out your hair, interrupting the cycle, it can temporarily stunt the growth cycle. Worse case scenario, it can lead to traction alopecia.

Natural Remedies

While the jury is still out on brow serums, you could consider improving your diet. To aid healthier hair, you should ensure you’re getting enough iron and Vitamins C, B6 and D. In addition, you require the protein Keratin, which can be sourced from eggs, dairy and fish, as well as iodine.


Before you reach out for the pumice stone, remember that your brows are on your face. According to Huffington post Canada, all you’ll need is a soft toothbrush or one made for infants. Using this and a dab of facial scrub, gently exfoliate the area to help stimulate blood flow in the area. It will also remove dead cells from the region, encouraging hair growth.

Fake It Till You Make It

Thankfully, you can create the illusion of thicker eyebrows with powders or pencils as you wait for yours to come in. With the help of experts and tutorials, you can play around with how bold you make them, depending on your face shape. Careful, not to get too crazy with the shape or too heavy with product. You want it to look as natural as possible. Plus, heavy makeup will tag on your hair slowing down your growth process.

Visit An Expert

Find a brow specialist to help you through this journey. Once you’ve had at least three months of growth, they can guide you on the perfect shape for your face. Your next two shaping sessions after that should still be done by the expert as you learn how to do it yourself. In particularly dire situations, you may want to seek the advice of a trichologist. Above all, be patient. Everyone has a different grow rate.

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