Before You Dye


Avoid a hair colour horror story by asking these questions

Is it just us, or does everyone have colour in their hair right now? A dye job may be the thing you’ve been dying to try out, but is it the right move for you? Whether it’s your first time or you’ve dabbled in colour over the years, it’s completely natural to have various inquiries. After all, no dye process is ever the same. Before you take the plunge, here’s what you should ask your hairstylist/colourist.

Is My Hair Healthy Enough?

Perhaps, previous colouring sessions or continuous heat exposure has left your hair weak. It could be that a change in your diet or lifestyle is having an impact on your hair’s health. Whatever the issue is, you may want to put your dyeing ambitions on hold until it’s healthy again.

Is There A Pre-Colouring Consultation?

Professionals will insist on an initial appointment to have an informational conversation and ensure you’re on the same page. This session is held for them to examine your hair, and for you to get all the answers you need. Not to mention, a time to determine if you’re allergic to the dye via a patch test. It’s also the perfect opportunity to look at the stylist’s portfolio of their previous work and gauge their experience level.

Does This Colour Suit Me?

Just because you like a hair colour on social media or a specific trend doesn’t mean it’ll be a right fit for you. Every shade comes with various tones, and there are several factors to consider when finding what matches your complexion. You also want to consider how that colour tone suits your personality.

How Much Is It?

Ask your stylist to breakdown what services will happen during your colouring appointment and how much they’ll cost. This includes how many visits to the salon will be required so that you can draft a budget. If it’s too expensive, they can suggest a colour job that requires way less maintenance.

What Maintenance Is Required?

According to Global Redken Artist, Sean Godard, red shades, ashy tones, silvers, pearls, and greys are the hair colours that require the most maintenance and upkeep. That means that they become less vibrant overtime due to oxidization. Choosing these colours means more and frequent salon visits in the future.

Then, there’s the homecare regime you must incorporate to supplement the salon visits. Your colourist will advise you on the specific products you’d need to use, how to use them and how often. Ignoring this advice could result in the deficit of vibrancy, tone and shade of your hair.

How Long Will It Last?

Some colours have stronger staying power than others. This is further influenced by your hair type and texture. Correspondingly, find out if the colour they’re using is semi-permanent or a permanent colour, and understand why they’re doing so. In that way, you won’t be disappointed later.

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