Beauty Hacks Gone Bad


Avoid these viral Instagram DIY beauty tips at all costs

We all know, not everything on the internet is true. Hello, fake news! But when it comes to beauty, we tend to let our guards down. Ever more so, when an influencer is involved. The halo effect – which psychologists explain makes us judge a person’s opinion based on what we think of them overall – has something to do with this. Hence, an extremely popular and gorgeous Instagram star’s thoughts are often perceived as gospel truth. Not so fast! Here are just some of the popular DIY hacks that are throwing up red flags and making dermatologists everywhere cringe.

Lip Plumping With Spices


We get it, big lips are in. But raiding your spice rack for that extra volume is not the answer. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, spices like cinnamon and cayenne pepper cause an inflammatory effect. Translation, it will burn and your lips will be swollen (Not the good kind).

Dental Floss for Blackhead Extraction


Will running the minty thread across your skin remove some natural face oil and minuscule layers of dead skin? Sure. But, so could any good facial cleanser. What makes this a hack fail is the purpura stripes you could get while pressing the thread down, in an attempt to dig and scrape the blackhead out. Also known as small bleeding blood vessels, these marks would be like hickies / love bites all over your face. Pass!

Deodorant as Face Primer


The aluminium salts and strong fragrances found in deodorant may make your armpits matte dry. Just don’t expect the same results on your face. The same ingredients will wreak havoc by causing excessive dryness, inflamed acne and bumps as well as some flaky patches. That’s not a beauty struggle you need in your life.

Glue-In Peel-Off Face Mask

The deep cleansing black mask hit the beauty IG pages with a bang. But, so were the DIY tutorials that claimed mixing glue with activated charcoal, or using glue alone, would have the same deep cleaning effect. Not only will glue rip your tiny face hair off (this hurts), it can rip your skin off too. Not to mention it will expose you to acne, hyperpigmentation, scarring, inflammation and infection just for trying this viral trend.

Nail Polish for Cold Sores

Cold sores are one of the most frustrating things to conceal, so we understand why anyone would want this to be true. Cold sores are caused by herpes, which is a transmissible virus that takes its time to leave your lip. If you add nail polish on top of it, you’ll have the added stress of dealing with an allergic reaction. Yup, your nail polish is one of the most common allergens around and will probably delay your cold sore’s healing time. If this isn’t bad enough, the trend calls you to cover the nail polish with lipstick. You’d have transferred the virus into your lipstick tube ready to re-infect yourself another day.

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