Beat the Beard Burn


Here’s how to keep your bearded man and still have flawless facial beauty

Science has spoken, and it has proved that women adore beards. Studies show that women believe that bearded men are the best choice for the father of their children or at least the most appealing, to be in committed relationships with. Findings of a 2016 study, explain that men with facial hair are perceived to be more industrious, generous, confident and sincere. These pros, outweigh the fact that smooching a bearded man can result in facial burns.

To help you keep your beauty strong without nixing the make-out sessions, here are some tips to dealing with beard burns.

Mind the Length

Medium beard length seems to be the safest for your skin. Encourage your beau to steer clear away from short, spiky beards. If he’s sporting one, give him time to let it grow out.

Clean & Condition

Beards pick up quite a bit of food and debris, so encourage your significant other to clean and condition his facial hair. Suggest some shampoos, conditioners and beard balms/oils to make it soft and nuzzle-worthy.


You should already be doing this daily, but it you aren’t, start it ASAP. Additionally, get your beau to start doing so as well. That way, it won’t be two sandpaper textures colliding. FYI, avoid exfoliating before meeting up with him, since it will leave your skin more vulnerable and raw than it usually is.

Trim It Right

You don’t want hair in your mouth or a bruised lip. That can dampen the mood. Consequently, encourage him to get a good pair of clippers that he can use to trim the hair closest to his mouth.

Try Out Organic Relief

Organic Shea butter works wonders as a post-irritation cream that heals your skin thanks to its nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins. It’s excellent because the skin quickly absorbs it and doesn’t clog pores. Speaking of unclogged pores, organic Aloe Vera gel is also efficient when it comes to healing chapped skin.

Soft Washcloth to The Rescue

Simplicity works. If you find your skin is irritated, take a wet washcloth and cover the affected area. Let it cover the area for about ten or fifteen minutes to soothe it. However, ensure that the washcloth is made from super soft material such as bamboo fabric to prevent adding insult to injury. Additionally, ensure it doesn’t contain dyes or harsh chemicals that can cause further irritation.

Stay Away from Fragrances

If your face is already a little raw, steer clear of aggravators such as facial products that come with perfume or scents. If he’s going to kiss you again, make sure that he also doesn’t use his scented facial products as well.

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