Beard Styles That Are In


The looks that are currently hot and happening

Beards, they can do many things. Add contrast to your face, convey a personality and even act as a fashion statement. It doesn’t stop there; men use it to boost their chances of finding a mate. This is according to a study in the ‘Journal of Nonverbal Behavior’ that found that men would emphasize sexually-selected traits, including moustaches, beards, and sideburns, when they have difficulty obtaining spouses. “Facial hair is worn to enhance a man’s marriage prospects by increasing physical attractiveness and perception of social status. Men shave their moustaches, possibly to convey an impression of trustworthiness, when the marriage market is weak and women might fear sexual exploitation and desertion,” the findings suggested. (Not to press the point too much, but women find men with beards more attractive than clean shaven men, according to a study in the journal ‘Evolution and Human Behavior’.) Whatever your intentions, here are the looks that are currently hot.

Circle Beard

Just like the name suggests, in this style, the moustache and a rounded goatee combine to form a circle. To get this look, trim your beard evenly, define the circle shape and then shave off unnecessary hair. Part of this style’s appeal is that it is easy to maintain.

The Extended Goatee

The look of this beard is a combination of hair on the chin and moustache without the sideburns. The extended goatee is perfect for a round face shape, as it elongates and defines the face. To get this look, allow your facial hair to grow then trim it to the desired shape and size.

Short Stubble

It’s rugged but doesn’t look unkempt. (It is a tamer version of the full beard.) So, is it the too-lazy-to-shave look? Not really, because you’ll need to trim and define it to make it look manly as opposed to looking like a slob. Grow your beard for two to three days, shave the hair on your cheek and neck area and define it along the cheeks and sideburns. Trim every three days.

Grooming Tips

There is growing a beard and there is just being unkempt. Your beard needs some tender, loving care just like the hair on your head and your nails. This can be achieved simply by:

Washing it

Shampoo, condition and moisturise your facial hair to prevent it from being a prickly mess.

Using the right tools

Your beard is as good as the tools you use. Be sure to keep them clean as well.

Trimming regularly

To obviously tame the mess that will otherwise be the result.

Taking care of your body

If you take good care of yourself, by eating right, drinking plenty of water daily, exercising and getting quality sleep every day, the benefits will show on your skin and your hair.

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