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5 Reasons Your Smartphone Battery Won’t Hold Charge

When you first unboxed your smartphone, battery issues were the furthest worry from your mind. However, a few months in, and it seems like you’re permanently attached to the charger. What could have caused a perfectly good battery to change its ways so soon? The following are some of the surreptitious ways your phone is depleting energy.

Background Activity

You’d be surprised by the number of apps that stay running in the background. Their constant activity takes its toll on your battery, hence needing to charge your phone more often. To remedy this, go into settings, and change the permissions to ensure they only update when you’ve intentionally opened the app.


It can be tempting to leave your Bluetooth on the whole day. Perhaps you want to be able to connect your wireless speakers, or maybe you wear a Fitbit and want to get utmost accurate data daily. Whatever the cause, keeping it on will certainly have you begging for a charger before the end of the day.

Data Use & WiFi

Asking for the WiFi password instead of using your cellular internet connection is much better on your phone charge. But that isn’t to say WiFi can’t drain your energy. Trying to connect to a poor signal, or leaving your WiFi on when there isn’t a signal, puts a strain on your phone that’s doing its best to track down a signal for you.


Have you left your location services on? Perhaps your phone recommends this in case your phone gets stolen. Leaving your GPS on, drains the battery, as it refreshes to keep abreast with your ever-changing location. If you can’t switch it off completely, change the settings so that the GPS only goes on when you’re using specific apps such as your Taxi Apps.

O.S Update

At some point, you’ll be called upon to update your operating system. Weirdly, this is often followed by battery life issues. This happens because the update will send your existing apps back to their initial configurations. Thus, you’ll have to reset your app preferences.

Screen light

Most folks always keep their display illuminated on the highest level. If you’ve noticed your charge is low, switch to a low power mode, which will dim your screen.  Most phones come with an auto-brightness feature, which adapts to the environment’s light.

Your habits

Making or receiving a lot of phone calls sends your battery to depletion state faster than if you send out texts or emails. Those photos and videos you’re constantly taking? Your camera needs all the juice it can get to refocus its lens and capture the audio just right. Finally, the vibrate function. The tiny motor that spins inside your phone to cause the vibration uses a lot of power. So, unless you’re in a meeting or cinema, embrace your ringtone.

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