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Thanks to the burgeoning rate at which fashion trends come and go, a woman’s wardrobe can look like a department store, and she can still have nothing to wear. That’s why all ladies need to invest in some quality, versatile staples that hold her style down. These key pieces are timeless and are the only items that fashionistas won’t shame you for outfit-repeating, darling!

Without further ado, here are the crux wardrobe pieces you need to invest in.

Ballet Flats

Also known as skimmer flats, this form of footwear is as comfortable and adaptable as they are chic. The safest bet is to go with a nude or black hue, unless you like some colour and texture in your life.

Classic Pumps

Unfortunately, in fashion you can’t evade the need for a little elevation. One must always have a pair in black, nude, and navy so that you can transition from the office to happy hour, without missing a step. The most value for money would be a closed-toe variant.

Plain White Tee

It’s versatile enough to be sported any day of the week, and for any occasion, depending on how you dress it up. Plus, it’s one of the easiest things to find, since it’s widely produced. Just ensure it’s the right fit for your body and style.

Button-Down White Shirt

This classic shirt needs some dedication to find. If you’re more endowed in the chest area, you may aspire to invest in a popover version. Smaller chested lasses can splurge on some detail in the front. Whatever you choose, fit and finish are key!


Not just any blazer, por favor. It should be an elegant, made-to-measure piece, to give you a proper waistline and compliment any ensemble you put together,be it a suit, dress, jeans, you name it.

Classic Black Pants

Every woman needs a pair of black pants that makes them feel powerful and sexy. Bonus, you can still express your own individual style through the cut you choose. Be it a wide-leg, cropped, tie-waist, high-waisted, pencil-straight or low-rise, it should be whatever suits your form and style.

Black Opaque Tights

These are most convenient when you require an extra layer of clothes. Note, we’re not saying pantyhose. Buy tights that are made from structured fabrics that offer support and stretch too. They shouldn’t have any logos or images on them to keep them classy and versatile.

Dark Denim

We’re not talking jeggings here. Invest in a fitting pair of dark denim because they are downright slimming for every shape. Once you’ve found your comfortable pair, you can rock them in any situation.


Ah, yes. The Little Black Dress is a complete element on its own but also becomes a chic canvas for quality jewellery and accessories. Fit is as imperative as the accessories you’ll choose to wear with this look.

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