Baby Safe Bathrooms


7 ways to childproof your bathroom

Ah, the bathroom. For many adults, it a place of sanctuary. But all that changes when a baby or exploring toddler comes into your life. Suddenly, you see it as a hazardous room that gives the kitchen a run for its money; safety wise. The following tips should help keep your little loved out of trouble’s way:

Restrict access

Fortify your bathroom so that they can’t get in without adult-assistance. While there are many ways to child-proof the door, the easiest solution it the hook-and-eye lock. According to Parent Guide, putting this lock on the outside of the door, well above their reach, will make entry almost impossible.

Supervise bathroom visits

When you do need to take them into this facility, never leave them; even for a second. If you need to leave the room, scoop them up into a towel and go with them. emphasis that rings and bath seats are only bath aids and will not prevent drowning. While they’re in the water, teach them that they must always be in a seated position. Place a cushioned cover over the faucets to prevent bangs and scrapes. Lastly, drain the water from sinks and bathtubs immediately after you’re done.

Buy non-slip mats

Bathrooms tend to have slippery surfaces and if you factor in that young children aren’t very coordinated, this is a recipe for disaster. By placing a non-slip rubber mat both inside and outside of the bathtub / shower, you can provide the traction your child needs to keep from slipping and falling. Ensure to source a mat that dries quickly to avoid mould-growth.

Lock the toilet lid down

Not only are children extremely curious, but their body composition makes them very top-heavy. It’s tremendously easy for them to lose their balance and fall head-first into the toilet water. It may seem like less than an inch of liquid, but it’s enough to have fatal consequences. Baby Centre advices investing in a toilet lock which will keep them from lifting the lid. It’ll come in handy when their older, as well, when they start to flush household objects down the drain.

Keep EVERYTHING out of reach

There’s all manner of knickknacks lying around your bathroom, like cosmetics, medication, detergent, hair care products, oral hygiene remedies, trash bins and sharp objects such as razors, scissors, nail clippers, and tweezers. Therefore, you have two options: hide or remove. If your bathroom has a high medicine cabinet that can be locked, put all these ‘adult items’ in there. Even the stuff that comes with the ‘safety caps’. If you choose to put these items on the elevated window seals, ensure you’ve taken out potential ladders. These include laundry hampers, buckets and bathing chairs.

Unplug appliances

Water and electricity don’t mix. Thus, you want to keep your electrical appliances such as the curling iron, blow dryer and shaver, away from sinks and bathtubs to avoid electrocution. Unplugging and extracting these appliances from the bathrooms, as soon as your done, will also prevent burns.

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