All About Layers


How to build you scents the right way

We all have a signature perfume that we adore. With what you spent on it, you certainly want it to take centre stage, and be noticed. So, it’s not uncommon to want to shy away from other scented products. Often opting for the scent-free lotions et al to avoid being known as the lady who bathes in fragrances.

Nonetheless, once you know how to do it correctly, it’s essentially beneficial for you to layer scented lotions with your perfume. For starters, combining two fragrances compliments the different notes in both. Secondly, think of the oil as your perfume’s foundation. It will lock it down, and keep it around for much longer. So how can you start to layer like a pro?

It Starts in The Shower

If you’ve been dying to add a scented shower gel into your bath time routine, you now have the perfect excuse to. Interestingly, it adds to the overall dimensions of the final scent.

Lotion Up

After your shower, moisturize your skin with a scented lotion to create your fragrance base. The oil molecules give the fragrance molecules a platform to bind with in your skin, hence prolonging your scent’s longevity.

It can be the complimentary lotions that comes with your perfume. Or, should you know complimentary scents, this is your opportunity to get a little creative. For example, picking a floral lotion and misting it with a musky scent. Other groups that play nice include woody and citrus scents, oriental and fruity, as well as, oriental and floral aromas. If you’re not sure, google is positively your friend.

Keep It Light

Always make you base scent the heaviest and go lighter as you layer. This is to prevent the former from overpowering the latter.  That said, don’t go overboard with the application. Use just enough of each product, lest you overwhelm your senses.

Mix It Up

We’ve all been raised to apply perfume on the pulse points. The neck and the wrists being the most popular spots. However, why not switch things up and make a bigger statement by increasing your scent spots. Did you know that you could get more longevity, by applying it in your inner arms and your belly button? Alternatively, you can opt to apply the scented lotion to exposed regions such as your legs, arms and décolletage. Then you can spritz your hair lightly with some perfume.

Test It Out

It’s advisable to try out each combination first before giving it a test-run in public. Remember, scent reacts to everyone’s pheromones differently. Two people can wear the exact same mixture and have unique results. Thus, once you’ve crafted your new combination, let it sink into your skin for about an hour and then note how it has developed. If you like it, voila, you have a new scent. If not, it’s back to the drawing board for you.

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