A Guide to Being A Bespoke Gentleman


If you want to make your mark and leave a positive impression on everyone you meet, there are a few things you must learn to do

There are so many ways one can express confidence: How you dress, how you carry yourself, how you smell, and even the kind of haircut you get (if you’re lucky enough not to go bald) are many such ways. But lately, something of a movement to go beyond these standard measures is evolving.

Some call it art, others science; whatever name you want to give it, the gentleman’s lifestyle is slowly becoming the norm. ‘Style’ – a word that wouldn’t have made sense to many men a few years ago, is becoming more of a means of self-expression. Yesterday’s ‘conservative’ dresser is gone. The buttoned down, oversized shirt doesn’t make the cut anymore. We’re in with the skinny latte and out with the builder’s tea. In with the invigorating face scrub and out with the bathroom soap bar.

Men are changing, and so is the environment around them. Manufacturers have been keen to tap into this fast growing market. There has been an increase in ‘for men’ products, designed for the man who wants a hard day’s work accomplished while looking and smelling as good as he can. There is nothing wrong with a man going to the spa or getting a manicure or a pedicure anymore; nobody will look at you differently for being keen on your hygiene. Scotch is slowly taking beer’s place, and theme pubs and lounges are now the preference over nightclubs.

Luxury brands are making a killing from this new awareness, as most gentlemen are now driven by appearance. The male wants to be seen, too! Of course, one must never underestimate the power of knowledge, and one will also be judged by how well informed they sound (or lack thereof). Altogether, the right combination of stylish, classy elements will earn a man entry to the bespoke club. Here are a few unwritten rules of the path gents should walk in to get there – and do remember, you’ll only get these tips in Magazeti.

Choice of Drink

What you drink says a lot about you; how well you know your drink speaks for you too. Remember the days when men used to pride themselves on how much alcohol they could funnel down without getting drunk? Well, gone are those days; the essence of drinking now is no longer to get high. However your choice of drink will speak volumes about your character. Vodka says you’re young, wild and free; you probably think sagging your pants is cool. If you want to be a bespoke gentleman, vodka is not the drink for you. Whiskey, or whisky, makes more sense – and knowing the difference between whisky and whiskey is vital to this path you have chosen to walk. Whiskey or whisky gives you a certain appeal, and make you look like you spend time in old libraries absorbing intellectually stimulating texts on diverse subjects. It means you have taste; you should drink it neat to drive your point home.

What You Wear

The bespoke gentleman is to be seen, and this starts with the cut of his suit, the quality of his shoes and belt, and the pedigree of his watch. Do you have your tailor on speed dial? Let go of the baggy shirt and pants and call him. Get some fitted pants – not questionably tight but comfortable enough. One or two pairs of Oxfords are very necessary in every gentleman’s closet, alongside five pairs of different coloured ‘happy socks’ to go with the Oxfords. What do you wear on the weekends? Have at least a couple of light coloured chinos, khaki and straight jeans and even a pair of shorts. Let go of the backpack too, unless it’s a laptop backpack. Get yourself a man bag. You don’t have to look flashy, but neither should you look like a bum.

On Your Wrist

Time is money, and so should the wrist watch you wear be. Wrist watches fall right after shoes when it comes to making a statement, especially with the ladies. A variety of wrist watches is what every man needs. Choose brands that place you ahead of the pack. Rolex, Tissot, Omega, Casio or Hublot are good choices, whether they come with a leather strap or a metallic one. Also another angle that gives you points with the ladies. Being that wrist watches are pricey, we can be practical and say owning at least one original wrist watch is better that owning five replicas, so do get your one original piece.


A bespoke gentleman’s way should go beyond his dressing or drinking; it starts with the most basic of things and that’s good manners. Have a grasp of what’s socially acceptable and what isn’t. You must understand your gentlemanliness outside of classic gender roles, and you should not expect a woman to do any one thing because of their gender. Don’t be that cliché male; know your limits. Courtesy should be your biggest weapon.

Finally, as much as you’re on the journey to be bespoke, always remember to be a genuine, kind and honest person.

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