7 Ways To Be Awesome At Work


You just got a new job for the New Year or you’re trying to figure out how to make your old bosses notice you and give you a promotion this year. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We have compiled a list of actionable ways in which you can easily boost your productivity and get to enjoy your job more; you might even end up with a promotion!

Some of the points are relatively basic but don’t underestimate the effect that they can have. Thank us later. 

Do What You Love

In order to not be miserable at work, stick to your passions and interests. Studies show that happy people earn higher salaries and it stands to reason that they are happy, at least in part, because they enjoy their jobs. Do an analysis of your skills and capabilities and find out which careers require them. You can even ask a professional career counsellor to help match your skills and interests to careers.

See The Manager As Someone You Help

In theory, the manager tells you what to do and you obey. But in practice, you were probably hired because of your skills and ability to get things done. Stop viewing the manager as someone who should tell you what to do and instead, adopt the attitude of helping them reach the department’s or organisation’s goals. The more you do this, the more valuable you will become to the manager and to the whole company. Plus, it’s infinitely more fun to help than to just comply.

 Don’t Be A Title Slave

Sometimes, we allow job titles and job descriptions to limit career progression. If you are asked to be involved in projects at work which require your skills, take up the opportunity even if it doesn’t fit your job description or title. You should especially be willing to take up leadership roles even when you are not in a managerial position. It’s important to be flexible and contribute to the organisation in various ways. Saying, “that’s not my job” when your skills are needed is a sure way to not get a promotion.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Every job has its own set of challenges and not every day will be enjoyable. In fact, having a job that challenges you is important for growth. The key is to have enough rewarding moments to sustain you through the challenging parts. When you are experiencing challenges in your job, consider it as an opportunity to grow.

Tell People What You Think

Many people, especially women are afraid to speak up at work. It might not be easy when you work in a male-dominated field; men tend to interrupt and shoot down ideas by women. But if you don’t speak up, your ideas will not be heard and you might be perceived as less competent. You were hired for your skills and competence; let them shine.

Get Mentors

Mentors are all around you and they can help you overcome challenges and work and be generally awesome at your job. Place yourself in a position to learn from those who have been there before you and are successful in your field. One mentor isn’t enough, get as many mentors as you can and combine their wisdom to help you move ahead faster and avoid common pitfalls. To find great mentors, look at people you admire and those with qualities you’d like to emulate, then reach out and start a friendship. Tip: Flattery will get you everywhere.

 Take Risks

Taking an active role in your own career ultimately means taking up more risks. Women are not usually not up for taking risks. But if you want to stand out and achieve more in life, it is time to be involved in more risk taking. For instance, ask for pay rises and promotions, get involved in work projects, start a business or apply for new jobs. Great and otherwise unforeseen opportunities often come when you get out of your comfort zone.

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