7 Nutritional Mistakes you’re making


Bin these shopping and eating no-no’s and fast track your way back on to the health train

1. You Skipped The Canned Goods

Have you been steering clear of the canned beans, canned tuna, anchovies, lentils, and sardines? Don’t do that the next time. They can be incredibly healthy and to top it off, quite convenient.

2. You Stock Up On The Wrong Things

We have been sold and re-sold the idea that we should always aim for the low fat, low calorie or reduced calorie packaging. The bad news is that there is more to it than advertised. The little packages claiming “low” or “fat reduced” could be jam-packed with high calories hidden within those smaller casings. The truth is that the products that do not have fat have to be replaced by something else. More often than not, that “something else” is sugar. We are looking sideways at frozen yogurt, low-fat milk and things like light mayonnaise. Sometimes, it’s better to go with the original, less doctored food products. What matters is that you exercise restraint in how you use them.

3. You Scanned The Nutritional Information Chart, But Not What Is In There

 Even if an item declares that it has zero per cent trans-fat per serving, it doesn’t mean that it is trans-fat free since any presence of somewhat hydrogenated oils present on the ingredients list means that some of it made it in.

4. You Skip Or “Forget” About Eating Lunch

You probably don’t know this, but shopping on an empty stomach is a BAD idea. It is often you’ advisable to have a small snack or meal before going into the supermarket. If you don’t do that, you are likely to spend more than you intended to. Supermarket aisles are carefully arranged to attract your interest and make you weak!

5. You Don’t Make A Shopping Lists

Walking into the supermarket without a list is like walking into your final exams without studying. Things will never end well. Being unprepared makes you more vulnerable to poor or impulsive choices — very similar to going in hungry.

6. You Never Eat Breakfast

It is an absolute myth that not having breakfast encourages your body to burn fat. In fact, missing breakfast often makes people overeat in the course of the day. Your blood sugar levels drop around mid-morning, making you more driven towards any available food like those mandazi and chapatis. You are less likely to resist that double combination of samosa with tea, in this case. Similarly, this type of eating makes you prone to binge eating at night, when you ideally need the least food input. Your body will be fighting to play catch up with calories that will most likely be stored as fat in reserve. Studies have found that reward centers in the brains of people who skip breakfast light up when they see high-calorie foods like pizza, cake, and chocolate. This means that they are less likely to resist junk food than those who opted for an early morning meal. Instead of skipping breakfast, starting the day with two boiled eggs, or a helping of oats or sweet potatoes would make you less hungry when lunchtime comes. It has been found that any form of protein in the morning helps with the slimming.

7. You Opt For Diet Drinks

Another misconception is that diet drinks have no calories so they will have no impact on your weight. A Texas University study found that people who drank up to 21 diet drinks a week were twice as likely to be overweight as compared to those who didn’t. Another study in the USA that followed diet drinkers over a ten-year period found that their waists grew a staggering 70 percent more than non-diet drinkers’ waistlines. Essentially, diet drinks and artificial sweeteners can end up being higher in sugar content than regular sugar. ‘When your body receives a sweet taste without the calories it expects, it triggers the sweet cravings that make you eat even more. Sweeteners have also been shown to have a similar effect to real sugar on the blood glucose and insulin levels. Instead of the diet option, opt for sparkling or still water with lemon juice or just plain regular water.

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