10 Signs She’s Wacko


“I’m crazy and I don’t pretend to be anything else,” Rihanna is supposed to have said. Her legion of female fans would probably take that as gospel, and quote it whenever they need to justify their, er, quirks. But men, especially those who have experienced dating a crazy chick, should see that as a red flag. If you’re dating her, whatever nutty thing she does in the course of the relationship can be justified with the simple statement: “You were warned!”

Your girlfriend may be crazy good in bed or just crazy about you, but what if she’s just plain crazy? The kind of crazy that gives you nightmares or makes you want to draft your will after a week of dating her? Not all girls will own up to their craziness like Rihanna, so how do you know that it is time to walk away before your sanity collapses around your feet?

We asked several guys what they think are the common denominators of crazy girlfriends and here’s what they have to say. If your woman is acting this way, don’t walk away – RUN!

She Stalks You

She secretly follows you around in her car. She secretly befriends your colleagues and interrogates them about you. She installs a hidden camera in your apartment. She creates a fake Facebook account using a picture of another woman and tries to seduce you to see if you’ll take the bait.

She’s Delusional

Just a single text that didn’t get answered because you were napping, and she accuses you of having sex with another girl. A male friend talked of how his ex would get paranoid whenever she walked down the street alone and guys looked at her. “She always thought they would assault her and immediately act defensive.”

She’s A Hypochondriac

She gets a headache and immediately puts it down to a brain tumour. She has shortness of breath and immediately thinks she’s having a heart attack. She has imaginary aches and pains everywhere, all the time, and she’s driving her doctor crazy.

She’s Excited One Moment, Depressed the Next

She alternates between periods of extreme joy and hopelessness in a matter of days. PMS, maybe, but then it feels like she’s having PMS 30 days a month!

She Attacks Your Cat

She goes psycho and attacks your cat for no logical reason. If she’s mean to your pet, it’s only a matter of time before she becomes mean to you. Ditch her!

She’s Messy

Messy apartment, messy appearance, messy speech and/or thought patterns – everything is messy in her world. If you don’t want to be a mess, too, get out of this relationship.

She’s Obsessive and Demanding

She checks your Facebook account, mobile phone and emails all the time. She demands that you call/ text her a certain number of times per day.

She Hates Everyone at Work

She hates her job, her boss, her colleagues. Hell, she even hates the office boy and lashes out at everyone at the slightest provocation.

She’s Got Major Anger Issues

She gives the waiter a black eye for serving her an egg sandwich when she had ordered chicken. Or she stabs your hand with a fork when you hint that she needs to get a handle on her temper.

She Has Multiple Personalities

They say we’ve all had previous lives, but what if your girlfriend seems to be living all these different lives all at once in the here and now? You don’t know who you’re dealing with at any given time. What if one of her alter egos is a murderer?

They say our choice of a mate speaks of our inner turmoil, so if you’re dating someone who’s obviously unhinged but you continue to find excuses to justify her behaviour and stay with her, you might want to re-evaluate your own sanity.

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